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ADDAC System New Website and FREE SHIPPING!
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Author ADDAC System New Website and FREE SHIPPING!
This is a pre-anoucement of our new website!
It still hasn't been anounced elsewhere but as it is almost finished i thought of making a Muff's pre-release!
hope you enjoy it!

all the very best

It's our uttermost pleasure to present our New Website*!

This comes around a time when we're celebrating our second year of existence, we still didn't know exactly when it started and still can't quite believe that two years gone by already!

We'd like to thank everybody who believed in our solutions, this wouldn't be possible without you!

It's our hope that this website will help to bring you a new experience when looking and searching for our creations.

And last but not least, to celebrate the occasion we're offering FREE SHIPPING on module's orders until the end of 2011!

*We're still cleaning up some details here and there but without further delays we'd like to Welcome you aboard.
Good job !
Interesting new module projects too : VCO, quad panner...
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