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Troubleshooting DC sounding hum
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Author Troubleshooting DC sounding hum
Maybe someone can help with some good troubleshooting ideas. Here is my setup for the test at the moment-

blacet vco, blacet dual linear Vca, old blacet made wall wart 250mA PSU, regular blacet power distro board.

OK so everything above works fine, no hum.

I bought a DYI build of the Yusynth Minimoog filter PCB on EBay. It said no power connector cable. No big deal I thought, what I didn't realize is the module had a .com connector which I don't have. So not wanting to spend $9 postage for one connector or buy one with a 5v converter I see no evidence of needing on the yusynth PCB web page it takes me a month to get around to building a connector. I checked it for continuity.

here are my results-

mini VCf not powered = no hum works fine

mini VCf and vco and Vca= substantial hum from VCA with no patch cords. VCf with vco but has hum in the output

same No VCA = hum from VCf and Vca separate and patched

only mini VCf powered= no hum

So I'm guessing the VCf is introducing something no good down the bus, or is is a bad grounding issue?
Try moving your problem-child VCF as close as possible to the PSU ground point,
or if possible on a distribution point that is separate from the other distro board.

seriously, i just don't get it
Ask Yves Yusson.

Ask Blacet.

good luck.
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