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Math Trigger Sequencer
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Author Math Trigger Sequencer
This module can do math wink in that kind: Out = A function B.
You select the value of the 2 operands by the rotary switches. The function itself is clocked, which causes in different results. The result is line-decoded to 16 trigger outputs visualized by the LED array above. Remembers a bit to the blinking lights at enterprise smile And you can select the kind of the functions: logical or arithmetical.
i did 2 pictures which outputs are used in each operand combination - arithmetical & logical

the bad producer
This is really cool!
WOW crazy pictures... me like
Bryan B
I bought one of these used of the B/S/T forum and wired it to a new power plug.

I have to say I love what this module does! I moved it near my Q960 and used it to trigger different stages like crazy. So every time I turn the rotary switches, I get fun new patterns on my sequencer.

This can handle very high frequency rates that even outpace the top tempo of my Q960. You can literally have all 16 lights on with a fast tempo setting of the Trouby master clock.
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