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Care to contribute forum banner art?
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Author Care to contribute forum banner art?
Muff Wiggler
as you may have noticed I change around the forum banner pretty regularly (and the name of the forum!)

i pretty much have no photoshop skills, but i've slowly learned enough to make stupid shit like the guitar-riding bomber girl you see. shamelessly stolen, it's a G&L guitars logo which I doctored up a bit and added the "MUFF" which I shamelessly stole from an actual photo of my actual big muff pedal

anyway if any of you like to tinker with images and want to make something for the forum banner, unless it's totally super lame, i'll add it into the rotation. i think that would be pretty fun
Awesome idea!

I made a couple of banners... What would be easiest -- emailing them to you? Posting them to some photo site? Anything works for me...
Muff Wiggler
sweet! just email them over to me, muff aaaaaaat muffwiggler doooooooootttttt coooooooommmmmmmmmm!

thanks! 8)
Muff Wiggler
freakin' AWESOME man!!! i love it 8) 8)


you get a star hehe

wow, seriously, thanks!!!
Banana stickers! Banana stickers! Banana stickers!
(Too much Metalocalypse on the brain, I always seem to find a reference to it)

hehheh I like the banner arts!

I'll try to bake something up to throw in the rotation.
Haha! Thanks for putting that up! That looks hilarious. Awesome idea-- letting us contribute to banner art!
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