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Last week I realised that I could use a very simple circuit to correct the arp-trigger polarity on the Mono/Poly -- that requires a downward going gate signal (S-Trig) whereas most of the time I'm dealing with positive going gate signals (V-Trig). I guess I'd never realised the terminology before!

Anyways - very simple circuit as used by Moog etc:

This worked really well for getting the MonoPoly Arp'ing neatly. Result!

But then I realised....

I'm sure it'll work on the two footswitch inputs of the PTDelay - they're both short-to-ground. So I tried it out this morning - YES - it works just fine.

Here's the simple schematic (you can use any standard PNP transistor - eg. 2N3906 - just watch the pinout). It is fine with gate signals from the BugModular (0 to +10V) going into the PT Delay (internal 8V supply) due to the transistor usage.

I did two little test cable/adaptors.
1) a jack socket crimped on to a jack plug with the minimal circuitry soldered between then covered with hot-glue and shrink wrap.
2) a jack socket with trailing lead, then a jack plug holding the circuitry (again hot-glued but this time within the jack plug shell).
Version 2 is probably better as the first type ends up being quite big, thus would perhaps strain the jack socket over time.
Interesting - I wonder if this will work on other devices with a footswitch input?
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> BugBrand Devices  
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