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Listen to our OpenTape hosted artists!
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Author Listen to our OpenTape hosted artists!
Muff Wiggler
Wanna hear some music?

^^^ click on the radio image!!

Our hosted artists have uploaded some absolutely amazing music to their Muff's OpenTape sites. I figure it's about time to start a thread listing 'em all in one place so it'll be super fast and easy for anyone to find some new tunes. I'll update this thread and this initial post to keep track of new OpenTape accounts, hopefully the artists will bump this thread when they add new material for your listening pleasure.

Proudly hosting 64 individual artist sites:

Enjoy!!! Thanks for listening and thanks to the artists for sharing their music!
forum next level, so glad to be a part of this. smile

I uploaded my first album to my page a couple of days ago.
Thanks for the heads up Muff.....and thanks for letting me in.
Cool, thanks for getting these links together.
It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners Dead Banana Rockin' Banana! It's motherfucking bacon yo applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause
there's some good stuff in here!
before confusion reigns,

is me, and has a tune from a collab i did with a non-wiggler (tho am trying to persuade him to join up grin )under the name "the Machine Soul"...

this thing seems to have perfectly fulfilled a purpose already - i've listened with the window shrunk down in the background and repeatedly found myself restoring it to see who's responsible for some awesome sounds - and suddenly having new respect for people who i am greatly remiss in never bothering to check out their music previously - i gotta start clicking on the links people put in their sigs!
Muff Wiggler
bump because I just updated the artist list in the first time since.... well, years!
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
Muff Wiggler
added four more - bringing us to over 50 hosted artist sites!

we're not worthy thanks so much everyone!
Muff Wiggler
three more added!

enjoy SlayerBadger!

I love this thread how do I get involved here's a link to my project
hi, I'm wondering also how to get involved. Is this for modular hardware only?
Nelson Baboon
there is some great stuff on here.....

listening to Smokey Quartz - Hallow. This is fucking great!

(this is just an 'arbitrary' track that I stumbled on)
I managed to access my page at last! yay!

freshened up the set of tunes for tired ears smile
damn, this is fucking awesome! no radio station like it! applause
OHMEYE wrote:
damn, this is fucking awesome! no radio station like it! applause

thanks for reminding me how awesome this was...
Hey Muff, are we still able to submit albums for play on the radio station!?

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