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Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
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Would you want a dual SSM2044 board?
yes, I have some SSM2044s sitting waiting for something!
 20%  [ 13 ]
ye,s but only if I could get tested non fake SSM2044s for it.
 53%  [ 33 ]
Yes, and Ill find the SSM2044s myself.
 16%  [ 10 ]
No, thank you.
 9%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 62

Author Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
One pcb and one chip smile
Here is a rough schematic. (PDF) some components are not numbered properly but you can get the idea. aticprint.pdf

changed the board a bit, now "both" is available on the resonance as a pot as well as a CV

depending on how fancy you want you could go from 12 controls and a big panel, down to something that would be quite minimalist, using the "both" controls and no Cv input levels. ill color code the "essential" and "optional" pots on the diagram

I think boards by themselves will be $22 to $25 and tested SSM2044 will be $12 (and you need 2, ill match them for boards with chips) but i will try and get that price down a bit. keep in mind thats just a "special" price for the first boards and wigglers if they turn out as well as i expect, ill be selling them in a web store for a little more.

Im thinking of getting 20 for now. thats a few for me and Ill PM who expressed interest. ill post how many are left.
Dego wrote:
One pcb and one chip smile

you need 2 chips for it!
updated first post.
Neutron7 wrote:
Dego wrote:
One pcb and one chip smile

you need 2 chips for it!

I know but I have one ssm2044 all ready. hihi


Sorry for not being clear about it smile

Cant wait to build it. It's peanut butter jelly time!
In for between one and five?

See, I've got this tube of 2044s and I've been thinking about just doing an eight voice module in a small (well, small for 5U) footprint for polyphonic use. One F pot, one Q pot, a couple CV inputs for each, 8 separate 1v/oct inputs and of course 8 audio inputs and outputs. (I figured I'd switch the 1v/oct inputs in and out electronically with a couple 4066s or something.)

As far as I can tell from the schematics, I should just be able to gang my driving LFOs or EGs or whatever to the A+B inputs on each of four modules and be good to go in that regard. I realize I'd have to wire the single pot for F and Q a bit differently, but it seems doable as long as there's not like... an impedance loading issue or something that I might run into?

So if that seems like it'd work i'd be in for four boards in that module and then one board separate for fun. smile
Re: poly module.

I think this will work very well. you can share one "master" pot between many boards directly with the frequency. with the resonance, you would have to omit the "fake antilog" resistor on 3 of the boards. (resistors are named on the schematic now, ill try and update it tomorrow)

It is great people already having ideas for this, i was hoping it would be quite versatile.
So yeah. Better put me down for five then. smile
Updated image on first page.

this reflects a few changes to the board, and mainly the A and B outputs now have a place for a DC blocking capacitor.

The input has to be DC blocked anyways, so there is no point having "DC coupled" outputs (even the SSM2044 data sheet has them for a VCA after it)

I added them on the outputs before the mixer, the SSM 2044 can have quite a lot of DC offset when the resonance is in the middle range. it gives the mixer more headroom and keeps the DC off your next modules.

electrolytic cans can be used or smaller film capacitor (bigger if you put it on the back of the board) or it can be bypassed with a jumper.

so now i have to double and triple check them again smile

After I recieve the first boards ill test and maybe tweak some values before i release the final BOM and Schematic. that should be done by the middle of january, and if those boards are good, ill release some of those, and if there are errors ill fix them on the boards and sell them cheaper. before i release the final rev1. if they are good, ill just repeat order with a larger amount.
2 pcb's for me
I'd be interested in two PCBs when they're available, especially if they came with tested chips.
well i should get them first or second week of the new year, but I will have to build and test one.
I've got a few SSM2044's in my present IC stock that I've been dying to use for some time. In fact, I've been bugging Fonik to do a 2nd run of his SSM2044 PCB for some time.

So I'll definitely take 1 PCB, and possibly a few more (no more than 4 total though). Actually, the total number I buy will depend upon the final cost of the PCB as well as the amount of funds I have available when they finally go on sale.

Keep us posted on your progress! smile
I'll take one board w/chips. This looks great!
First proto run is in production. the price difference for a lot more boards was silly, so I took the risk there wont be any massive errors. its a gamble my boards will be good, vs waiting another 2 or 3 weeks turn around. if it pays off, then 50 boards sooner rather than later! (otherwise, ill make a lampshade out of them and sell it on etsy for how much they cost lol )

If perfect or only in need of minor fix, it will be available (with any fixes done) around the end of Jan 2012 . I have a limited number of tested SSM2044s as well.

and..they are black smile

Please dont get mad, people who have mentioned they want to get some boards, but after i have a tested board, i will make a new thread with order information, it will just be too hard to keep track of PMs from so many people (was not expecting so many people to be interested!)

Lets free those poor orphaned SSM2044s languishing in parts drawers that want to do their duty and squawk and squelch!
I got shipping notification:) pics as soon as i get them!
I'm a bit late on this thread ... and new to SDIY. I've just built 2 Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 and want to do more now.


Is it too late for one PCB + 2 SSM2044 ?

Hédi K.
After they arrive and are tested i will make a thread with purchase instructions.
Thanks for your quick answer ! thumbs up

Hédi K.
i'll keep an eye out for this new thread as well, i'll want 1 pcb, no chips.
In for one and two SSM2044s if any are left! we're not worthy
Some boards came in

The only mistakes i found were A and B outputs got mixed up,
They made the holes a little bigger then i expected, but its still easy to build.
there is an error on the board by the output A amplifier. it can be fixed by shorting out C9 with a jumper. (on the off chance that the amp goes unstable, you can solder the c9 capacitor across u2 pin 13 and 14.)

here is the prototype for my version of "all options"
(you could do it with more jacks and no switches if you wanted)

and here is the MOTM panel for "all options"

Ill be setting up a buying page as soon as i make some examples, maybe a video, and double check my schematic, BOM etc (and figure out how to set up a buying page)
It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners Cool. Looking forward to hear it This is fun!
Here are a couple of quick demos so far

some sweeps with various tweakings, you can hear some are more traditional, while some have highpass and bandpass components. Ill redo this one, my converter got overloaded on the low sounds.


sort of traditional synth sound. just one oscillator.

Sounds great! hyper
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