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Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
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Would you want a dual SSM2044 board?
yes, I have some SSM2044s sitting waiting for something!
 20%  [ 13 ]
ye,s but only if I could get tested non fake SSM2044s for it.
 53%  [ 33 ]
Yes, and Ill find the SSM2044s myself.
 16%  [ 10 ]
No, thank you.
 9%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 62

Author Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
and another one smile I am really liking this thing.

In this one you can hear it fade from high pass to band pass to low pass a couple of times, various self and cross modulations of the 2 filters and some self oscillation

a bit of distortion(besides the wanted distortion of the filter itself) seems to be happening because the signal is sometimes too hot for my converter. this module especially can sometimes get a really hot output because of the way it cancels and boosts at various frequencies.

ill make n optional component change which will keep it at a more reasonable output level

sequencer = cirklon + CVIO
vco = teezer
vca = Oakley triple vca

I was using a delay when it was recorded scope "pattern delay" on xite-1

fonik wrote:
hey, if i had not two ssm2044 in my system already, i would buy two PCBs myself...

you brought this filter to the next level! and i want one!
and yet another one

this time with the filter A and B controlled by different CV sequences at the same time, still just one oscillator, VCA and volume ADSR

Same equipment as above, but as well as the CV for the oscillator, the cirklon is sequencing 2 additional CVs for the filter.

this time i attenuated the output so there is less distortion.

Paradigm X
Are there spares?



The purchasing buttons are now at the bottom of the page here.

type MUFFS741 in paypal message and get a $5 refund on boards
Paid! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw! Guinness ftw!
Paid for 2 thumbs up thumbs up
Paid... I'm such a filter whore. Dead Banana
How much for a complete finsished Neutron7 Filter.......?
And I want to know if I can use this in Scopes Modular somehow.
I am willing to pay for these services, and any assistance in my quest for true analog filters, using Digital Oscillators...
go away jimmyV smile

ill make a scope version for the scope modular4 as soon as i get the new SDK6

it will be just as quirky and cool but free! and even have dialable inable "capacitor error"
No Way Jose............
But I am waiting anxiously for a great Filter in Scope Modular.
They just can't get that juicy analog flavor.
But if anyone can do it U can.......
how is the SSM filter in your solaris? i expect it is modeled with all the capacitors and op amps being exactly the same with no variation so it sounds close, but not quite right.

the op amps and capacitors are all a little different, and the filter IC also has a DC offset which the DSP would not have. everything adds up.

In scope i could make a filter that was a bit more real, but to really do it right i would have to be able to open their SSM model which has a lot of the transistor/op amp sound done.
With all due respect to JB, Klaus Piehl and him did a wonderful job, but the MM FIlter and Tube FIlter are the action.
I would ask JB for one those DIY diagrams and look at those as they are truly unique and special. The CEM and SSM, even the Obie and Mini are really nice, but pale next to the JBowen MM and Tube beasts.
Maybe they nullify, I am not sure....
Neutron7 wrote:
Re: poly module.

with the resonance, you would have to omit the "fake antilog" resistor on 3 of the boards.

Okay, jolly good. I've ordered. Just to doublecheck my stupids, we're talking about R24, right?
actually for a+b it is r69,(and you can omit r68 as well) r24 is the correct resistor, but just for "a"
Finished my build today.

That Is great. It is so nice to see one of your write ups of my module!

I linked your article to from the project page?

I notice you used "normal" knobs, I found it a bit close (but i think you are used to that, i built a 1u cloud generator in your super compact 8x2 format!)
i find it much nicer with the medium ones from small bear (synth pointer #3)
comes in grub screw or spline.
Thanks! Yes, those are the regular 1-inch diameter Alco knobs. I think they look fine, and they're not too close.

I'm looking forward to putting this filter through it paces. screaming goo yo
Finally i have some more SSM2044s, ill put them up when they are all tested and matched.
Has anyone designed a euro panel for this?

If no, might have to give it a try myself.

Also, @pugix, @Neutron7, what are the white conn headers I see you using on your boards? Do they require a special crimping tool?
If you do, im up for interest in that.
Been having my eye on this filter for a while, but i do like a more decent panel than me writing on on a piece of plate myself. smile
Sorry, i haven't got euro, and i have not seen anyone build one yet.

The connectors are called "MTA100" you dont have to use them and can wire directly if you like. they do need a tool, its kind of expensive.

but you can probably find it cheaper somewhere else, or bodge something up (its just pushing the wires so they go in to the insulation cutting slots)

Also the SSM2044 matched pairs are available again.
In it to win it.
Looking at getting one of these boards. While checking out the build notes it looks like the jacks are all stereo. Is that correct? If so, any reason for that?
They are not stereo, but "normalling" jacks, that is, on inputs they switch to ground (or another signal) when nothing is plugged in, I just used them everywhere because I have lots of them.
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