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Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
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Would you want a dual SSM2044 board?
yes, I have some SSM2044s sitting waiting for something!
 20%  [ 13 ]
ye,s but only if I could get tested non fake SSM2044s for it.
 53%  [ 33 ]
Yes, and Ill find the SSM2044s myself.
 16%  [ 10 ]
No, thank you.
 9%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 62

Author Duofonik dual SSM2044 board and euro adapter.
I have a 100 of those also that someone sold to me as stereo jacks. I was planning on making this with banana. Is there a need to use them? I see that you state some of the jacks are used to transfer the signal when not in use, which a positive only banana would not be able to do.
To tell you the truth, I am not sure how normalling is handled with banana jacks, hopefully someone with a bit of experience could chime in.
Old thread resurrect alert. Did anyone ever make panels for these? I see on modulargrid there is a nice neutron style one but I don't see it on Neutron's website? Also, any plan to get matched 2044's back in stock?
I have been a bit slow with this because i have been busy with orgone accumulator stuff,

I did get more 2044s, i just have not gotten around to testing/matching them yet. Ill try and have them available next week.

As for the euro boards, ill post an update soon.

I have 3 extra euro adapters from my prototype run, which has no errors except the invert switch is um..inverted.

The silk screen is a little messed up but there is only 1 kind of resistor, 1 kind of cap, 1 kind of IC, you cant screw it up!

I will just use these same files to create the board run, so the only difference is these are made in Ireland, and the next run will be made in the us or china, and probably have a gloss instead of matte solder mask, and not have gold pads.

if someone has a duofonik waiting for a euroadapter pm me

$19 + shipping

Canada $0
US $4
Rest of world $7

I do not expect this to be very popular due to the scarcity of SSM2044 ICs so i will not be doing a professional panel run.

I have FPE panel file (which can also be used as a template for DIY), but it has no text, ill leave that up to the individual builder.
Hey, I just wanted to ask real quick if you still have some of the SSM2044 coming, or did that train leave some time ago? I consider building this filter and I looked around, but those ICs are a pain to source...
Do you have any pcb left?
I have plenty of Filter pcb, but no euro adapters, and no tested SSM2044. If you want euro adapters It will be a few weeks more, but i will probably not get any more SSM after i sort this batch. They are too expensive and even then some dont work.

(Unless someone has a magic stash of them)
I'm down for a couple of euro adapters when back, thx.
at least 2 for me too
how useless are the SSM2040 in this circuit?
About 100% useless lol(in this circuit)
You can pop that "useless" 2040 in the mail and send it along to me if you like.
Neutron7 wrote:
About 100% useless lol(in this circuit)

No I dont have special stash - just the Herne Morleys.

So this ones dead then - I priced the Mouser cart at about $80 so its not the cheapest I guess.

The dual HM2040 - the one on the site - that sounds juicy as can be......
Hi Neutron7,

I found my second SSM2044 while tidying up yesterday ( This is fun! ) so I'd be keen for a filter PCB and a panel PCB if they're still available/have arrived yet. I had a look on your website and I see the filter PCBs but not the panel PCBs.

If there are no panel PCBs I'd be happy to just have the filter PCB.

Could you please (re-)confirm the availability of these boards? Thanks very much! thumbs up
me too, I was too late for the last batch of euroadapters so I'm also looking for one!
I finally finished my dual ssm2044 using Neutron's PCB and euro panel pcb. The filter sounds so amazing! Thanks for a great design! I had some friends make me a panel on their CNC machine and then used nail polish to do the infill, and i think it came out pretty nicely!

That looks nice! Can you post the CNC file, i would like to make one.

(Do you have a very small cat?)
Neutron7 will there be any more euro panel PCBs ?.
I keep meaning to do that, then see the sorry state of SSM2044 supply. I guess ill do a small run anyways.
I'd be up for one if you do.
Just want to chime in and say thanks. It has been my "go to"-filter for most stuff lately and it has grown on me a lot. Probably my favourite filter for both sound and versatility nowadays. (and I got lots of filters...)
In for a euro adapter if there is a run (will need to get the filter PCB too)
I will also chime in for a euro adapter if there is a run (will need to get the filter PCB too)
1up for euro panel board. have main PCB and chips ready!
just need to make a panel
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