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If you need help - use the NEW support email address!
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Author If you need help - use the NEW support email address!
Muff Wiggler
July 2019.
edit by Be Sandy?

The old support email has been broken for a while and it's doubtful we'll ever be able to get it up and running again so there's now a new one to use. If you need any support in terms of your account not working etc this is the best way to get help. Please keep in mind timezone differences and allow a bit of time for a reply.

The email?

mwforumhelp (at) gee mail dotcom

I'm presuming you'll be able to figure out how to make that a proper email address!

If you do need to get in touch please remember to include your username and associated email address. Thank you!

Original post below

I get email asking for help that's been sent to the wackiest of addresses, quite often the self-explanatory "" address


If you need help please send an email to the official support address which is:

(old support email removed)

(of course the '1' in the address above needs to be changed to an 'i' and the '3' changed to an 'e', above substitutions to avoid spambots)

you will get the fastest and most helpful response that way... this address goes to our entire crack team of support professionals, so if one of us is asleep or at work or on a plane there's a backup for you.

Also we will be less cranky because it doesn't send the message "I'm not paying attention" that we get when the email comes to the "do not reply" address! (P.B. I'm looking at you!)

Thanks - looking forward to helping you in the most efficient and friendly manner possible.
thanks to those of you who have been using this option so far thumbs up

it's by far the easiest way for muff and myself to keep track of things and help with any issues you may have.
hi muffwiggler engeniering team,

im new on working with modularsynths and i need your help

i decided to start with the acidlab 8 modules and till now i got the POW, the basedrum, the snare and the cowbell. next one will be the midi unit and the mixer.

i also got a busboard from tip top audio, but is it really nessecary ?


i just hope that u can send me a link or some pix how to set up the parts, and how exactly connect the cables, and bring out some noize out of this gems.

we're not worthy thx in advance, for not gettin´ FUUUCCKKKK!!! , arnold weber
Hello Arnold,

Your post should go in the "Eurorack" section. What Sandy and Mr. Muffwiggler were referring to in this thread was forum support, not 'modular system support'.

We should meet up. I now live in Vienna and there is a good group of Wigglers there.
Sorry to post here gentlemen, but my account has been locked out - sent email to support email - if any of you kind admins are online could you assist please. Handle locked out is modintx - Cheers all.
Muff Fixed account - thank you:-) applause
Hi I got locked out of my account! I sent an email last night requesting support.

My previous username was Padrat. Thanks in advance!
wrote an email about this to the support address about a week ago, but no luck.
I went to change my email address on my main account (earljemmings) hoping that would solve my lack of notification emails, but I missed some popup and now can't log into my account
still no response from email, would be very nice to have that account back seriously, i just don't get it
Muff will be back from his big moving adventure sooner or later. Sorry for the delay!
Hello all. My account says it's inactive? Maybe this is pre-emptive, since I emailed (edited by a mod), but I haven't heard back and am getting a little worried. Sorry for any annoyance!

username: dang_motu
^ Just a thought, but perhaps edit that email address? For reasons mentioned above thumbs up
be patient. the one person who does admin stuff is super busy knitting ear muffs for the cats of astronauts who live on the space station.

he'll get to it ASAP.
Ha ha, okay then. I will just be patient, no problem. Thanks so much
Bananallama! muff rescu'd!
I'm biguana's idiot cousin. He locked himself out and sent me a text asking me to ask one of the adults here to let him in.

He sent a couple of emails to the support email address already
I'm biguana's idiot cousin. He locked himself out and sent me a text asking me to ask one of the adults here to let him in.

He sent a couple of emails to the support email address already
I contacted the support address (with applicable character substitutions) about a month ago and haven't received a response. Is there an a different means of getting support now?


Yeah im struggling to, My account "bobby" has been deactivated i think by my own fault and id really like it enabled again but cant get a response from the mail address. Anyone know if there is an issue?


Hey I am not able to log in my account since more than 2 weeks after editing my signature sad banana I tried contacting support, muffwiggler email, twitter and nobody is responding to me seriously, i just don't get it So can someone give me a sign of life help

Account: M4R71N
I can't access my account either and it's been about a week. No answer from emails either. Account: mephitif.
support email address comes back with illegal domain ?
emailed twice about my previous account - is this email still checked at all?

My acount using my hotmail address is locked out, so I had to register with my work email, which as you will understand, is not a good thing.
Please let me know how to revive the account Grumble?

Thank You!

I've tried to change the e-mail address belonging to my real account ( kao:be. ), but the activation e-mail sent to my new mail address has probably been caught by my spam filter... at least I guess this is what happened. My account has been inactivated, and I haven't received any e-mail.

I have mailed the support e-mail address last week, but no response yet (I know Mike is busy, no complaining at all, just wanted to make sure the support address is still tracked, and I've sent the mail to the correct one).

Since I can't get the mails sent to the mail address belonging to my real account, please respond the my other mail address specified in the e-mail I've sent to the support.

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