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Is "Muff Wiggler" offensive?
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What do you think?
It's bordering on, or is, unacceptable to me
 7%  [ 101 ]
It's mildly offensive, to be honest
 13%  [ 190 ]
It's immature/stupid, but harmless
 15%  [ 223 ]
I don't care either way
 20%  [ 297 ]
It's pretty funny! But I see the other side as well
 15%  [ 215 ]
I think it rocks!
 28%  [ 404 ]
Total Votes : 1430

Author Is "Muff Wiggler" offensive?
A Muff Wiggler is a novelty adult device I use similar
to the e-bow I use on my guitar... or is it the new fishing
lure my cousin Jimmie bought me? Works either way I suppose...

As to the original thread question: There are huge billboards with
strippers on them along the sides of Los Angeles Freeways. I
think that we should be more concerned by them than the name
of a dork cultist obscure musical intrument site on the giant worldwide
web of bad porn and bad spelling. And for crying out loud - this is
about the best of the best as far as these types of forums go. No
B.S. - just the modulars!!!! Dinner at the Y Champagne Dinner at the Y
bwhittington wrote:
-If I told my mother or a date that I was a member of the muffwiggler forum, I would have more explaining to do than I would care for.

funny, it never struck me the least bit dirty, and my mom's never so much as batted an eye when i mention Mr Wiggles and his forum.
It's motherfucking bacon yo
whoopsie . . . double post.
Somehow I missed this thread

Anyway added my vote = it rocks

Personally I find most PC correctness a pain in the butt.

My own moral tenets do not allow me to discriminate against anyone but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be able to say things I believe to be true.

If folks here want to swear that's fine. Let's face it this is an interest group that is dominated by adults.
Mr White
on the elektron forum I'm under the name "ANALOG VAGINA", just a fist of posts and the moderator told me that their forum is too "sweet and polite" for such a user name....
I told him that I came from Muffwiggler and he said: "oh, that's great!"

sincerly, I taken it for a compliment!

he he he, I voted for "muff rocks"!
I love this place where we all can express ourself how the fuck we want and be all happy with that!
so DONT piss me off polite girls! Peter Grenader
cv slime 800
I thought MUFF stood for: "Modular User's Funny Forum" meh
We should have a Canadian Muff wiggler night out. Maybe if we can all meet in Ottawa for beer, modulars, and did I mention beer?

Not going to lie, that could be pretty amazing. Sort of like our own little AH Canada meetup!!!!


ps This forum definitely rocks.
I'm not offended at all. I'm more offended by people who thinks the name is offensive.
dadek wrote:
Where's the Muff's Babe's thread at?


i'm more interested in where i can see the babe's muffs! wink
I think the Wiggler part is a little tough on EH purists.
I'd wondered a bit about it and am happy that I was correct- it is indeed a term both (silly) sexual AND Electro-Harmonix (who took the cake for such things, at the time).

Not offensive at all. What would be offensive are those without enough of a sense of humor about it...amusing that it became a positive conversation piece smile
harmless- but not the best branding for the best community of musicians in the last 100 years.... would be better as 'diode wiggler' more subtle humor :-)
I just assumed it refered to a cat thing. Cats really like it when you stroke the fur on the top of their heads. Now, if that fur can be called a muff, and the gesture can be called wiggling...

No, not even remotely offensive. Obscure, yes. Feline, definitely!

Anyway, synths and muff wiggling (as defined above) go together for me, coz I experience a similar level of bliss when I'm twiddling synth knobs.
money bags
all i have to say is to hell with 'BEING' PC.

if you are talking about the only black guy in the room. just say 'the only black guy in the room'.

Something i dont miss about the west coast is how PC people are. DONT CALL ME BIG BONDED unless you now big by BONE is. I'm FAT

uahh i need to sleep i hope this makes someone cry
O.K. Imagine the Worse Case Scenario: It stands for some immaterial offensive act/thing... And what if it was meant to infer whatever it could be that could be deemed 'offensive'... did anyone die? Did anyone have a worse day because of it?

If so, that person needs more than what this forum can offer.
Not at all offensive, great name, great forum.

And to all those "PC" people, grow up and get a Mac lol
Celtic Peasant
Clap Muff I think you have an awesome forum and, having been on other forums, I really think you are the best moderator I have seen.
thumbs up

"Muff Wiggler" offensive - never. I never thought of it as anything other than a really cool and catchy name!!

I know it was a few years ago, but thanks for sharing the 'beginnings' of the name and your site with everyone. smile

Take care,
I'm offended by the thought of entertaining the idea that Muff Wiggler might be offensive SMACK!
Just me
As a newbie, I'm just going through the old posts. It's funny, but the first time I heard of MuffWiggler, I thought of old EH stompboxes. I've had so many of them over the years and have done the same sort of thing with the names. Used StoneFinger once years ago. It (the forum) could be called Uterine Vomit or Supporating Pustule for all I care, the content is great.
It's never really made any sense to me. I always thought that wiggling applies to something that protrudes like a joystick. A muff is an opening and doesn't protude so how do you wiggle it?
Liddlepud wrote:
It's never really made any sense to me. I always thought that wiggling applies to something that protrudes like a joystick. A muff is an opening and doesn't protude so how do you wiggle it?

eek! help

Um, I have some porn I could send you...
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
I think the name is pretty funny. The only time it gave me reason to pause was when I recently gave a presentation on synth DIY to the "Arts Science" class at my daughter's high school. (It's a science class for kids in the arts program, in case you're wondering -- a perfect opportunity to talk about synth DIY, complete with a powerpoint presentation and a hands-on modular demonstration). Anyway, on the last slide of my presentation, I had listed a bunch of cool web resources for anyone interested in synth DIY (MFOS, Catgirl, Electro-Music, and... Muff Wiggler). I wasn't sure how that was going to play to a room full of 15-year-olds (and their teacher) but I made a mild little joke out of it, and it was fine. (Truth be told, I'm not even sure anyone there understood the reference... innocent little darlings).
Re: Is it offensive?

I hope so.

Also, my fiance at one point was yelling at me because i spent too much time on the wrong muff.
I stumbled upon this site after being reprimanded on Gearslutz for making a sexually suggestive comment about a piece of gear, so imagine my surprise to find that not only is there a site named after such a thing, but it's also dedicated to synthesizers AND cats! A match made in heaven, I must say.

As a side note, the funniest thing that I've heard in a good long time was the other day when my girlfriend said something to the effect of, "would it absolutely kill you to spend 5 fewer minutes per day on that vagina smacking, cat fucker site of yours and do the dishes?!"
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