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New Resource coming- Mouser BOMs for Synth modules
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Author New Resource coming- Mouser BOMs for Synth modules
Greetings! I am new to the forum and looking forward to contributing. I am planning on a substantial build project in the upcoming year (my ambition far outstrips my skill and available time)

In my research to design and select modules to build, there are a lot of great choices out there. I found Bill Hall's site (dragonflyalley) to be very helpful, including the excel-based parts lists. (Side note: its hard to imagine embarking on a build quite THAT ambitious!) With his permission I am going to be converting those xls parts list files to Mouser BOMS to share with others, upon request. (And only after securing permission to do so from the module designer)

I tackled the Oakley Overdrive unit first, and sent a draft to Bill Hall to give it the once over. As time permits, I will create other Mouser BOMS, beginning with Oakley and moving from there to other module designers. My goal is to simplify parts ordering for those interested in a little head start.
Eventually the goal is to provide the links to each BOM so they are available on my site, the forums, designer's home sites etc.

Comments welcome. and Happy Holidays
Welcome to the forum.

I like your idea but I think it would work better to do a BOM for a few other parts suppliers. I tend to use farnell for most of my ordering because their postage rates are cheaper on this side of the pond than Mouser. Maybe do a spreadsheet with tabs for Mouser, Digikey, Farnell?

Also, maybe this thread would be better in the DIY forum?
i could give you some mouser boms i made for yusynth, pm when you'll be close to start the website
Sounds like a useful project. Good luck.
You might consider also adding the BOMs to Muff's wiki.
I am also programming a tool like this but is more flexible, it is almost finished already and will be online in the first week of next year. More information will follow soon..
Two things!

I can provide the mouser BOM for the oakley TM3030.

You should consider putting this all in github for version tracking.
this is great, also willing to add anything I can although probably not one of the more learned around here. SlayerBadger!
I'd be very grateful if someone could provide a Mouser Project for the Oakley COTA VCF, please.

I should be able to provide Projects for a few modules of David Ingebretson's resurrected Synthasystem. Namely the VCF, VCA, Triple EG, Noise and Phaser.
Hopefully the VCO-A too in the next month or three.

Wow nanners This would speed my life up tremendously. I'll keep track of my mouser orders for upcoming projects to contribute if they aren't filled by then.
Thanks all. Continuing to gather feedback and it would seem a majority would find some value. While Oakley is first out of the box, Synthasystem will be next only because I am taking that one on as a personal build project, and then will sequence any others based on ... well, who knows. I appreciate those who have reached out offering to contribute BOMs and/or Mouser project links, and am keeping track of those to round out the inventory.

be careful what you ask for? sad banana
Hi Synthcube, I got your PM, sorry I haven't replied yet.
I will do in the next week or two.
Are there any modules you're more interested in than others? So far I've ordered parts for the Noise, Phaser, VCF, VCA and Triple EG modules and have stuck quite closely to David's suggestions.
Anyone else interested in this, please feel free to PM me.

If anyone has a Mouser Project for the Oakley COTA VCF I would be most grateful. Please PM me if you can help.

I have released my tool.

You can find it here :

At this time it is still in beta, but you can use it already for CGS bomlist.

More BOMs will be added soon and also some functionality.
This is a great idea, looking forward to it.

@Pfurmel I've found Mouser to work out cheaper than Farnell a lot of the time for me (UK). Farnell seem to charge more for smaller quantitys of components and overcharge for POTs. The strange thing is CPC, Farnell and RM are all owned by the same group, yet there's a HUGE discrepancy between their prices... seriously, i just don't get it Mouser is free P&P and Import Fees including VAT on orders over £50. Digi-key offer free P&P over £50 too but don't pay import fees, so they're not worth bothering with.

The number of evenings I've spent making orders from BOM's, it can take SO long, this will be a huge time saver thumbs up
Cool, I will give it a try.
Have tons of components I need to get to battle the backlog.
Great initiative! thumbs up
Thanks for the comments.
As an update, I am working on getting the website framed up and links to Mouser 'Projects' working directly. First BOMs online will be Oakley and Synthasystem, and then others from there. Having spent (no kidding) like five weekends trying to get Mouser part nos' finalized for my Ing'N'Steiner Synthasystem build, there has to be a better faster way smile
BOMTOOL! its the BOM smile

that is very cool.

thanks for creating a nice resource for the DIYsynth community!
So here are the first two examples of links to Mouser that are pre-populated with parts for the :

Oakley Overdrive ojectGUID=cde3f916-b712-4085-8d7e-ebfa159ec35c

Oakley COTA Filter 1de2b339

Thanks and credit to to gtxdude and dragonflyalley for supplying some of the source BOMS. Thanks to Tony for permission to produce and post these.

Coming soon, time permitting:
full set of Oakley BOMs in Mouser
Synthasystem BOMs in Mouser
Dragonfly Alley BOMs in Mouser
BOMS for these modules in other supplier project tools (Farnell, Digikey et al)
Plan is also to post source .xls, formatted .xls for easy import to supplier of choice. Also pdf and .pdx files for each module.
I will gather feedback on parts choices and consider changes to the 'source' BOM if consensus warrants it.

CAVEATS: Mouser project lists are based on the source .xls files and have NOT been validated against original part requirements. Check each part individually before you order. Part choices represent the opinion of the original source .xls provider and no one else. Not all parts in the source .xls are available from Mouser.

I hope this is useful. I want to get these first two out for feedback before posting all of the others.
mono-poly is great.
Thx Erwin!
demian wrote:
I have released my tool.

You can find it here :

At this time it is still in beta, but you can use it already for CGS bomlist.

More BOMs will be added soon and also some functionality.

This is great!
ive been waiting for something like this, so will you have actual mouser BOM's linked with the prices and accurate lists of certain projects?
Here's the latest set of Oakley BOMS from gtxdude converted to Mouser projects. The Mouser link takes you to a pre-populated cart where you can revise the list before ordering.
As always, thanks to Tony for the OK and gtxdude for the source xls files.
Similar links to Digikey in the works; Farnell a little tougher to pull off, but working on it.

I should have these up on the website for easier access within a month or so...

Oakley ADSR VCA 4: ca4ea40e3
Oakley Comp & Gate Delay 2: 8fb5e5eb0
Oakley COTA Filter: sID=171de2b339
Oakley Croglin Filter: sID=75cd23747c
Oakley Diode Superladder Filter: sID=34c59174cd
Oakley Dizzy Power Distribution:  ?AccessID=9f22f12305
Oakley Deep Equinoxe 5: 29e4a9785
Oakley Envelope Follower & Gate Delay: ID=b59e0ae5ef
Oakley Fourmix 1: 6b9dd6cb6
Oakley Journeyman 2: 0091e4618
Oakley Little LFO 6: 37436f2bb
Oakley midiDAC 4: 9c9f8ef75
Oakley MultiMix 5: f4384c65e
Oakley Noise & Dual Filter 4: 1577aba

Those Mouser URLs are not working. Mouser's site returns the following error:

The access number entered was not found.

It still does not work even if you login to the Mouser website.

Oh crap. Well, we did test it, and it worked, so I will look into it and see if I can figure out whats happening
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