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Messing about with the Bug Modular, Tempest and Koma BD101
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Author Messing about with the Bug Modular, Tempest and Koma BD101
Just posted this in the Koma thread but thought I would share here too(I rarely post here as my tunes are usually only relevant to the Bug-brand forum)

Bit of a dub thing. Jammed with it for an hour then set the camera up for a quick take. Just a real simple beat on the tempest and then some Modular and BD101 tom foolery.

Beat is from DSI tempest, left channel through BD101 right channel through Mixer. Modular is doing a simple bass noise sequenced from dividers. An envelope clocked with 16ths is controlling the BD101 gate, joystick controls the decay length of the envelope. Modular 8 step Sequencer clocked slowly from dividers is controlling the delay time on the BD101 and the feedback is controlled by the BD101 motion sensor. The additional delay and reverb are from a Roland RE-301.

So the tempest then dan... sounding great there... talk to me!

You might as well talk up the bd101 whlst you are at it...
Ahh Monsieur tIB. Well, I only had the BD101 hooked up for an hour so early days, so far me likey lots but I'll come back to ya when I've had more time with it.
The Tempest, I freakin loves it. Best thing I've bought after the Modular. It just fits with me, I find it quite intuitive and very quick to use.
^ thats the key imo, given Ive played with an mpc (and always wanted more of the sound creation aspect to whilst loving the sequencing) I think Id love it. Not sure Ill ever get one but yeah, tempted... I suspect the moment I demo one somewhere Ill want it.
nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time!
one of the best I've seen lately !
Wooo, verrry nice !

This kind of video is one of the reason why I like this forum !
That is very nice, the Tempest and you seem to be getting on fine - I was a bit Shania Twain over the tempest til you got your grubby mits on one lol

Great stuff thumbs up
just found this Dan, sounds excellent. I think I need this pedal for the Chasms.

Any chance the jacks could be banana?

The post just showed up in the new Koma forum.

Richard, The pedal is great, noisy old beast but its part of the charm. I thing you would get a bit of mileage out of it, the motion controller is fantastic, i will certainly get the other pedal when i can. I will check when I'm back but pretty sure it would take nana's easily. I just use nana to jack cables so havn't done the conversion.
awesome~ SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
can't be noisier than my fulltone tube tape echo. once I sell a few things I'm ordering one
Fuck me......that's some good shit you got going there Dan.
It almost got me liking the Tempest again.
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