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The Red Stripe on older ADDAC modules
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Author The Red Stripe on older ADDAC modules
Hey everyone! First time poster and brand new modular owner here. I had a really silly problem that I thought might be a good one for the vaults, in case other newbs like myself are as paranoid as me.

I was gifted a small system this year and included in it was an older ADDAC .WAV. After reading all the beginners threads and videos, I got to the Definitive Connecting Power Thread and learned to "Never Trust the Red Stripe."

Which is troublesome because the older ADDAC modules, according to Andre himself, did not have -12v marked on the boards. So in my paranoia, I didn't want to plug anything in out of fear of releasing smoke from my new system.

So here it is, for future newbs, in the words of the maker himself, via email (I hope you don't mind I'm quoting you!)

Anyway it's quite simple, indeed you're right. There's the missing -+signs on the pcb, I only started including them on new modules, growing from learning, but it is sort of a norm to use the red ribbon to the bottom, to the -12v, this is the doepfer standard that I also follow.

In our modules we only use 10 pin connectors for power on the module pcb so the remaining top 6 pins stay unconnected on the bus board 16 pin connector
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