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Project complete! Filtrex 2
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Author Project complete! Filtrex 2
First off, thanks again to Tony for a great project. Always a pleasure to build Oakley stuff, logical layout, straight forward numbering, great docs.

The case was a bargain at $32 from Jameco. Its a bit deep so I chopped it in half. The construction is pretty spartan but it works and looks good so I cant complain for $32. I had FPE cnc and engrave the existing front panel and that came to $60 so the whole enclosure came in under a bill! If anyone is curious, the knobs are the Eagle Plastic Devices ones from Mouser and run 0.52$ ea smile

Very tasty!
Paradigm X
Awesome. Man you work quick, still not even started...

Case looks brilliant, and cheap too.

Paradigm X
oh yeah, any chance of some audio smaples? x0x would be awesome.

First of all, nice job on the housing.

Finally finished a double/stereo version recently and have found the Filtrex much more musically useful than my Sherman.

I just wanted to ask how you find the LFO rate control at the lower end? I have found I have a lack of control at low speeds and have either used a wrong pot somewhere or need to add a fine adjustment pot on my panel (I have both in a 3u panel with the jacks on the front so I have the room).
Nice work Altitude (you seem to be active in all the forums i visit hihi )
Very nice looking unit. Can't wait to finish mine ... hihi
Paradigm X
In a rare bit of 'actually using this stuff ive built', i had a good jam with the filtrex on a tr606 on Saturday night and it sounded awesome, really fast LFO on the hats and cymbals sounded amazing, for just one thing.

amazing bit of kit. Thinking of getting another PCB to make a minisynth...
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