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WMD Synchrodyne + Video
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Author WMD Synchrodyne + Video
So here's an early video of a prototype several revisions in the past, but since I'm running out of time to record stuff before the NAMM show, I thought I'd make this one public.

There are revisions to the wave folders on the input and output stages, and some of the mechanical location stuff has changed slightly, but most things are the same, just tweaked and improved.

Enjoy and come see the final production prototype at the NAMM show, booth #1270. We should have some other videos up soon.

This next video was recorded when I was supposed to be packing for the show. I've since left and done a few quick edits and uploaded it (in low quality, sorry for that), but I forgot to position the camera anyway.

This video features the Synchrodyne in self oscillation, and a few of our other new modules. Hope you enjoy!

-William Mathewson / WMD

Holy shit!!!! SlayerBadger!
Holy shit sums it up nicely. I think I found my first WMD module. Very exciting!
You killing me William Dead Banana
Yeah that is a great module!


By the way, what is that clamp/vise you have the module in...looks perfect for DIY purposes...
I'm not sure to put it in my filter row, my OSC row or my effects row? Maybe I'll need one for each row? hyper
sounds amazing.
could be that this module will blow away all my VCOs i have.
but personally, i REALLY don´t like such small spacings that a Module isn´t jammable anymore.
to me, jamming the knobs is allways the most important part when getting the good stuff.
but thats just me i guess.

if i would have to patch mixers and CV sources to CV inputs to get jammability back,
how much more space would it take ?
how much more would be the cost for me, compared to same module but built with jammability in mind ?
such density does not make modularlive easier IMHO.
but again, it might just be me thinking this way
sounds awesome!!!
Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana
Looking forward to see a manual. Does the PLL have all the necessary i/o to sync two completely external oscillators together? I'm wondering if I could ditch my a-196 if I got this.
really nice.
I said to myself I'll wait for that new unique VCO that will come out some day as my next purchase. I was thinking like half a year or so... and now this MY ASS IS BLEEDING
This sounds really awesome.

This is the most interesting design from WMD thus far IMO,
and that's saying a lot as each of the WMD devices appears to be a complex system.
Looks amazing!

Looks like another winner! Any suggestions on a retail price yet..?
I see possibility for a lot of freaky feedback sounds, like sending one of the oscillators/filters to the PLL clock.
WMD: can you give us any more details on the module, ETA?

I've got all your modules, so you NEED to tell me when this will hit shelves.
Nice....lot's of sounds. thumbs up
Absolutely fantastic work WMD!! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! all the best at NAMM smile
Wow!!! this thing is packed with some amazing features. I have a blank check filled out to William Mathewson, write any amount you want on it and send this module to me. Sounds great must have!!! SlayerBadger!
Wow! Combine this with a cyclebox and... SlayerBadger!
So this 1 module does what I am already patching anyway so....
Another damn VCO I will have to get very frustrating
Between this and my Cyclebox it will be like having 3 synths in one box really.

I have been holding back for a while but outside of a banana fetish or the big hand argument Euro is turning out to be THE format for timbral diversity. I could fill a 6u case with VCO alone!
slowalan wrote:
By the way, what is that clamp/vise you have the module in...looks perfect for DIY purposes...
Looks like a Panavise with this attachment:

They are indeed the handiest thing I've come across for DIY. They actually make a specific "PCB holder" attachment as well. I got one and never really used it though, because that 376 works great for PCBs and everything else (drilling enclosures, making cable, etc.)
By the way, what is that clamp/vise you have the module in...looks perfect for DIY purposes...

It is a panavise with the circular base and the extra wide jaws. They're great, they handle everything we build and we use them for everything.[/quote]
Really like some of those sounds. Seconding the poster upthread who thinks those knobs look too closely spaced for easy access. A couple of extra hp would do wonders for the layout...
Holy shit WMD - from a guy who has neglected oscillators since he started down the modular path, I want this! Damn!
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