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Blacet EG
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Author Blacet EG
just got the EG. like literally. barely toyed around yet. love what i'm hearing though.

just read and copied muff's EG tricks post but i'm still a little lame on the whole thing.

what are some typical ways to trigger the CV's on the A, D, S, R?

i tried plugging in a triangle wave from my LFO to each CV(one at a time) and it seemed only the decay was effected. but also keep in mind only the EG was being gated by my keyboard.

edit- just realized i should really gate the LFO simultaneously. kinda obvious to me now. lol. i read a bunch of cool stuff on too but i'm still curious to hear more from you guys.


edit-spent way more time with the EG last night. really awesome module. a world of good came out of it. i don't have any issues with the obvious stuff anymore. got all kinds of good stuff out of the CV's for each stage of the envelope.

sometimes it's better just to keep your mouth shut and experiment like some dood on said. well more or less. not an exact quote by any means.
Check this out, a google search for "blacet EG" returns mostly muff forum topics and zerosum video demos with the TM-1: &oe=UTF-8


The Blacet EG looks very cool...I wish I had an ADSR with CV control of decay at the very least. I've had my eye on one of the Analogue Systems ADSRs for this reason.
it's very sweet! i just wish i had a sequencer so i could really trip out with it. metalbox gated comparator is next up on my list.
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