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SnazzyFX Ardcore
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Author SnazzyFX Ardcore
jbucks wrote:

Basically, given an audio frequency and a CV input, the Ratio Quantizer would output frequencies based on multiples within the harmonic series rather than notes within a scale (sorry if I’m talking out of my ass here – I think I have a fairly good grasp on this stuff, but what I’m writing could be false).

Since the ArdCore is only 8-bit, it's better to send it CVs than audio. The CV inputs/outputs are 0-5V giving you a five octave range. You can create a sketch that takes a CV input and outputs a multiple of it. You'll have to split the original CV before sending it to the ArdCore since there is only one DAC output.

Peace \/
mudlogger wrote:
loss1234 wrote:

I might also be coming out with a black and silver panel for those who are not into seems there are some who are not buying it because of the color.

I'd be interested in a black and silver panel - i agree - i think people are not buying it because of the colour/design. Maybe have a reversible panel?

+1 on black and silver panel
this module is great!

please make the silver faceplate hyper hyper hyper
hey guys

Snazzy FX has gotten a sub-forum now on Muff's

So in the interest of getting more Ardcore discussion going (trading code ??) etc...I am going to put an Ardcore thread (or threads) over there.

feel free to start your own on the sub-forum...the more ardcore discussion we get going...the more CODE we will see.

I know there are sketches out there that people have written that no one has seen yet. I got really inspired the other night after playing with a few of the user sketches that I found on muff's and I am excited about the future of this module.


I found the VCRampLFOChaos (by soundwave106) super interesting. Really great for chaotic generative music. I use the wogglebug for the input cv into the two inputs. Really nice and
Is it possible to hookup an usb midicontroller to the usb port and write programs to use these? angry
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