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Croglin dual gang 1K pot
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Author Croglin dual gang 1K pot
I just completed the Croglin filter which sounds great except for the fact that I seem to be lacking any resonance. I'm suspecting the chinese dual gang pot I got off of ebay d'oh! Seems like the wiper is on one of the outside pins .
Not much luck in finding an Alpha but would this one be any use. 27

It looks ok and its Omeg, as are the pot brackets but I'm not sure about the footprint.
This is 3rd time in three consecutive buys I've been bitten by the chinese dragon. Never again very frustrating very frustrating very frustrating NEVER!!!!!!
Contact krisp1. I bet he'd hook you up with one.
1K pots can be found here:

Those Omeg Eco P16 pots from CPC are what the Oakley 5U modules used in the early days. But we had way too many problems with noisy wipers and inconsistent mechanical feel so I dropped them in favour of the original Spectrols.

The low profile stereo pots you get from the likes of Panasonic do indeed have a strange pin out. You can work it out with a multimeter and the best way is to note each pin combination's resistance for all possible combinations. Set the pot to half way so you know if you get 500R you probably have the wiper as one of the pins.

I don't know why I didn't check Banzai.
I need to get the pot off the board to check it properly first though.
Thanks for the link Tony. Snagged one of those stereo 1K's for the Crogin.
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