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Another PSU question
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Author Another PSU question
I think I'm at the point where I need to consider adding a second psu (compact) to my system (Appendage and Klee have eaten up any remaining headroom I had). Nothing to challenging in itself but I'm wondering what is the best way to ensure that both psu's have the same ground potential; I had some stuff breadboarded recently which was running off my diy mfos psu and when patched to the synth it had some kind of offset which disappeared when powered from my synth psu (I'm guessing that it was due to 0V being at different potentials) . So... would it be better to run the two psu's off say a single 2A transformer (0V would be the same for both psu's) or would it be fine to just run the second psu of a separate Yamaha supply.
I will be fine to run the second PSU from a separate supply. You have to make both grounds at the same potential though. I did that by running a wire from a GND/0V line on the psu side of psu1 to the GND/0V line on the psu side of psu2., and so on (in a star based system when adding more. psus).

Hope that helps,
Thanks Woody, that sounds doable hihi
I see now that about the same information is on Page 9 of the Compact PSU User Guide. w00t
So check that out as well.
Thanks for that Woody.
Useful info there.
thumbs up
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