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Zerosum Inertia Subforum Removed - *NOT* a burn!
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Author Zerosum Inertia Subforum Removed - *NOT* a burn!
Muff Wiggler
Well, this is an odd post to write.

I had to write an even odder message to my friend Zerosum.

As this place grows and grows, it really has defined itself through the discussions and the requests of the members. We started out with something like three subforums, and that's it.

As time goes on, more and more subforums were created to cater to the types of conversations people were having, and to focus topics.

Now there's a lot of subforums!! I have certainly heard the complaint that there is too many of them from some of you guys.

Anyway, there's also really been a structure defined. We have forums about gear, about music, off-topic, sale, and then company-specific hosted forums.

As time went on, the Zerosum Inertia forum seems more and more out of place and not fitting into the structure. I am happy to add company dedicated forums if you are making modular equipment, but this place is so large and so popular now, if I was to make 'personal' subforums for all the musicians who wanted them - well, it would be craziness.

I want to make it VERY clear that the removal of this forum is NOT intended to signify any slight towards Zerosum from my end, it's not a burn or anything like that. In fact he and I have been talking about this for a while now - I (gingerly) approached him with the idea a while back, stating the reasons as above, that we really need to make the forum structure consistent.

Zerosum is an awesome guy and he totally understood and took it the right way, and I'm happy to say completely supported this move. It was a tough thing to ask - I have no reason and certainly NO intention of hurting his feelings. He was one of the very, very first people to come here, one of the very first to support this place. He hung out when it was three people posting here once or twice a week - he was also the first to say "man, one day, this place is gonna grow into something awesome - just wait and see". At that time, I didn't imagine it, but he did.

I am absolutely grateful to Zerosum for the support and participation he has shown this place, and it is really a bizarre way to reward or thank him by removing his forum. But we are at this point where it doesn't make a lot of sense.

One of the things we discussed was that there should be some kind of announcement - neither of us wanted to think that some people might conclude there were some bad vibes between us and the forum was cancelled out of spite or anger or something like that - absolutely not the case.

So, I've moved the threads in there into the various applicable subforums - most went into "your tunes here", a couple into "off topic" and one into "members only". I didn't delete anything, just moved them and then removed the subforum.

Hopefully this all makes sense to you guys, it does help us have a more streamlined and consistent structure, it's one less forum in the 'huge list', and it now gets me off the hook in case I'm asked to create another hosted forum for a musician and not a service....

thanks everyone - in particular Zerosum - for understanding and supporting this move, you guys rock SlayerBadger!
glad you kept the threads. There was some interesting stuff in there.
Thanks everyone!
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