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Numark NuVJ
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Author Numark NuVJ
Numark NuVJ, has anyone tried this thing out?

I'm sure it's limited as hell but the idea of having a trigger clip player to use when I DJ or just to mix in doing overlay with regular stuff.
Isn't this just a controller unit working in conjunction with Arkaos VJ software? I'm a little confused from that webpage.
i use it for live projections with my band. its basically a midi controller that comes with a version of arkaos that is tailored to the hardware in that the interface kind of matches the layout of the controller which i like. you basically have a bunch of banks where you load clips and then you can apply some effects and blending modes to those clips if you choose. from there its kind of like a dj mixer with crossfade control, playback speed adjustment and some other options. it also has some audio reactive things you can load into the pads. overall its kind of limited and most of the effects are kind of cheesy but its perfect for me because i can quickly change clips while playing music. the layout is simple but pretty effective for being able to quickly load clips. if i wasnt trying to play music at the same time and was able to focus just on visuals, id use all my analog gear. i never use it for some of the dj nights i do visuals for. it has been kind of glitchy for me though too. there has been a few times where the software has frozen up on me, i think i need to reexport all my clips to a better format or something. i got mine as a demo model so it didnt come with everything but its supposed to come with a DVD of clips which im sure none of us on this forum would want to use. it would be cool to use it as a source to play with further processing with other video equipment though
While we're on the subject of controllers, I always thought this one for Resolume was really pretty:

Resolume's my VJ software of choice, but I haven't used it much at all in the past couple years.
It was hard to tell whether it could function stand alone or not. At that price point it looked like something I could use in not critical situations but since it isn't stand alone it's just not worth it for what I need.

No doubt someone will release a vj static image player that costs next to nothing, that is if there isn't one already.

I may have to just use an old g4 laptop
Yeah, it has good basic functionality but if that's all you had to do visuals with youd get bored pretty fast. You can however plug in webcam or FireWire and load that as a source to play with. Ive used my advc 110 so I could use my LZX as a source
I used to make a VJ software called Flowmotion (2000-2007). I was trying to make a 'musical jam' kind of interface. Due to technical reasons (the platform I built it on slowly became obsolete) I haven't updated it since, but you can still download the demo from and if someone here likes it I won't mind sending you a free copy of the full version.
Hey robotfunk, awesome! Great to have you here! I will definitely give the demo a download and a play sometime soon, Flowmotion parameter routing and sequencer looks really interesting.
wow, totally forgot about flowmotion....blast from the past.
Just downloaded the flow motion demo last night. I was exploring cell DNA that I got when it was on über sale but I've been crash bandicooting like mad. Interesting program. Looking forward to exploring it more this weekend.
Can see myself getting a laptop VJ setup running in the next 6 months... something cheap and basic with dedicated controller is appealing. NuVJ and Edirol's Motion Dive would be a place to start. Keeping the system limited would be intentional, and buying "obselete" products for lower system requirements and cheaper startup price add to the appeal.
That said, I'm interested to see how usable Serato Video is for purely VJ work, with a dedicated Itch controller...
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