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MOTM-1490 Moog Ladder VCF & MOTM-1190 Dual VCA
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Author MOTM-1490 Moog Ladder VCF & MOTM-1190 Dual VCA
Hi, I'm thinking of taking my small Blacet system in a more traditional, dare I say it "Moog like" direction.

I've been looking at some of the Frac format MOTM modules.

Two questions, would the MOTM-1490 Moog Ladder VCF be sufficiently different from the Wiard Boogie filter at 24db?

Also would the MOTM-1190 Dual VCA with it's soft clipping give me something over the Blacet quad VCA and linear VCAs I already have soundwise?
Well, since no one else has stepped in hihi

a) the MOTM-1490 will have a different tone than the Vactrol-based Boogie VCF. The '1490 is a Moog 904A response (which is sensitive to both input amplitude and resonance setting) that includes a mid-band frequency 'dip'. And of course, the noted output amplitude dependence on resonance as well.

b) the '1190 dual VCA is all-discrete transistor front end with the soft clipper. At extreme output amplitudes, it can turn a triangle into a near-sine wave. It is a diode-breakpoint limiter that has a very "'70s" sound to it. Below the breakpoints the VCA is very quiet, it uses OP275GPZ op amps
The 1490 Ladder and 1485 GX VCFs are both wonderful sounding filters with lots of character.

From the little I got to hear the Boogie in person (at Babaluma's house)
I'd say the 1490 and the Boogie sound different enough to warrant both...
IF you need more LPFilters that is.

So far, I'm very impressed with MOTM's designs and build quality.
MOTM's reputation is well deserved IMO.
I can only imagine the dual VCA sounds great too.
Where is that 'you can never have enough VCA's' emoticon when you need it?

I hope MOTM continues to release more great designs in Frac.
I wonder if the VCO, and the mini-cloud generator are still in the pipeline...
Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies, I've heard good things about MOTM also smile
i have both and they sound and act completely differently. i went through loads of filters before settling on the three i liked the most, and they are the wiard borg2, wiard boogie and motm 1490.

don't forget all low pass filters can easily be patched up for voltage controlled high pass response with mults, vcas and mixers. the 1490 sounds particularly nice when patched like this.
Muff Wiggler
i have both as well - it's well known that the Boogie is my favorite LPF of all time, and this is true, I can't put my finger on it, it is thick and full and just meaty and ballsy. It does do acid well but I think of it as fat and ballsy

the MOTM 1490 is crazy impressive and I was blown away when I received it. Very clear and crisp and detailed sound, a 'hi fi' sounding module in the tradition I associate with Wiard

and for lively acid mayhem, well it just nails it perfectly. I cannot compare it to a Moog ladder VCF as I've never heard one in person, but when you push this filter and hear it doing sweeps at the edge-of-self resonance, you WILL smile and nod your head and recognize a very familiar sound.

I was overly-impressed with the MOTM. I have a lot of filters, and I don't get too excited when I add a new one, but this one was more fun to play with than I expected. I don't compare it to the Boogie at all, they are different beasts.

Now just so that I'm not accused of liking everything, I had a MOTM GX filter as well and it bored me to tears, nothing special in my opinion at all - I sold it.

About the MOTM Dual VCA for frac - even with my super shitty mixer and audio interface (and half-decent monitors) I can tell it is a far more detailed, precise VCA than anything else I have. I like the Blacet VCAs but this one kills them. Best VCA you can get for frac from what I know, and, you'll hear the difference right away

plus lin and log inputs on the same unit are a total blessing. My advice, no matter what filter you choose, is to grab the MOTM VCA for sure.
thanks this is very helpful. I'm just at the point of buying another rack.

If I can get someone to build me a strip of multiples (like the Ad Infinitum one...but so far no reply) I can make some space by moving out my Blacet Multiple/attens
chamomileshark wrote:
(like the Ad Infinitum one...but so far no reply)

hmmm..... Ad infinitum is doing a huge patch cables purchase and offering right now. Limited bandwidth as a result might have something to do with it? Mike Ford at Metalbox could be an alternative resource? Kind regards, Randal
thanks, that's a good suggestion. I'm going to try a couple of people in the UK first, but Metal Box might be able to help.
Metalbox will do Mults./Attens. (and other small modules that he sells) in the Frac ears as a custom job.
Babaluma did this, and they look really nice. Metalbox's panel etching is pure class. 8_)
You'll save a decent amount of real estate by squeezing those sorts of things into the 'ears'.
There is some chatter about it in this old thread. =0&postorder=asc&highlight=frac+ear
Multiples are so easy to build I honestly feel there is no need to purchase one. You'll save a nice amount of cash, so give it a try. Build them in to your rack ears and save the space for other modules.
I don't own the MOTM lowpass but I do own the dual VCA and it's very nice indeed.
I absolutely cannot build this myself, really.

Good news is that Alex from Ad Infinitum has got into contact, I'm waiting from a couple of Uk builders but I wanted to post that AI are active with multiples in stock.
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