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brooklyn: my first video installation tonight
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Author brooklyn: my first video installation tonight
at my loft:

what I'm doing: making a bunch of videos on my LXZ system now, and going to be playing them back off 3 iphones into my modified panasonic mx-10 mixer. the mod enables the "superimpose" function aka luma keyer to work with 3 inputs. 1 for the key and then it keys btwn the other 2. I'm making a b&w lxz clip for the key input (which I have to run through an very clunky external timebase corrector in order to sync it with the rest of the video mixer) and then 2 red and black videos for the main inputs. I can't figure out how to loop video on the iphones so I am working on making the videos longer or making a playlist or something...

starts around midnight for you late night party people thumbs up
Sounds amazing! I expect plenty of videos tomorrow!
sick ill blog it when you get some pics!
essex sound lab
Very cool!

Knock 'em dead.
thank! i will try to grab videos

got the iphone to loop videos! i'm gonna have the 3 iphones playing different length loops so that the end result will not be a looping pattern (well it will be but on a very long loop i guess)
Sounds great.

BTW, having a third input for the key clip signal is often called "external keying", while using one of the 2 main images as the clip is called "internal keying".

If I didn't live 5 hours away, I'd stop by. I'm a late night person. w00t
thanks dave
My husband is in Brooklyn tonight - I'll let him know about it!
Oh wow, I heard the "ATR Remix" of Better Off Alone played on a Sydney community radio station and loved it... bet that party would be my sort of thing thumbs up
noise + hardcore = It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time! It's peanut butter jelly time! Dead Banana

Please document with vids, very curious to see how it all goes from the video setup through to party atmosphere.
everything worked! and it looked great!

exact setup was 2 iphon 3gs and an old ipod touch, all with composite video cables connected to the dock port. the 2 iphones ran black and (mostly) red shapes, and the ipod ran (mostly) simpler greyscale lines and shapes to be used as an external luma-key. the 2 iphones ran into the 2 channels of the luma modded panasonic mx-10 mixer, so that they external key would key out to the 2nd channel. (this setup has given me some new ideas for patches within the LZX as well smile )

the ipod touch has to run through a TBC in order to be used as the camera input for the external key, since it is made for a genlock camera. sending one of the main (record) outs of the mx-10 into the genlock input of the TBC takes care of that.

otherwise I ran the (other) main output of the mx-10 to a videonics video equalizer before going to the projector so that I can adjust brightness, contrast, color, etc to suit the room.

it was too dark in there to get any video of the event tho. this pic gives you an idea or what it looked like.
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