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Promax DA-Max+ Media Converter
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Author Promax DA-Max+ Media Converter
A while back a client gave me some bits and bobs that they were no longer using but thought I might be able to use, give someone else or flog.  /2010/3/18_Promax_DA-Max%2B.html

Anyone want to comment whether this viable, useful, etc. today. It comes with NO SOFTWARE.
At the very least you could use it to do digital color decoding and encoding... CVBS NTSC/PAL video to YPrPb Component (and the other way around). It's too bad it doesn't have a genlock input!
This comment in the description: "Composite I/O on DAMax is currently marginal. We are working around the clock to improve this." is not encouraging. Though since this is clearly aimed at a broadcast studio, composite can never look as good as the D-1 SDI or even the component signals. So it may still be pretty good by non-broadcast standards.

As Lars says, composite or S-Video to/from component is it's most obvious use.

You might also be able to plug in a DV or Digital-8 camera via Firewire and get a composite or component output. And maybe use it as a digitizer going to a computer, converting analog video to Firewire.

If you can track down the software then you also get to control the basic proc-amp style settings (contrast, brightness, hue, saturation).
thanks guys.

The plus sides are that it was free and it was good enough that the guy using it did get an Emmy with this was part of his rig. That may not speak well for television.
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