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Offer to host forums
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Author Offer to host forums
Muff Wiggler
Just to let you all know, I'm happy to host forums here for people if they want them.

I know "Muff Wiggler" doesn't always fit with the corporate image smile

But, if you don't care, and you want a dedicated forum, I'll make one for you here and you can be the moderator. I host a forum here for Zerosum, I have "unofficial" forums for Blacet & Metasonix - any way I can easily make a "Harvestman" or "Metalbox" or "Synthasonic" company support forum or whatever you would like. It would give your customers a place to interact, and free you from the hassles of forum administration, keeping bots away etc.

Also, if any of you company guys want to have your own PHPBB forum but don't know what to do, or are having bot issues (this forced the Metalbox forum to close) I'm also happy to help you configure and mod your forum so that it works the way you'd like.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, please don't hesitate to ask. It can be a personal forum, a company support forum, whatever.
The more the merrier!

Muffwiggler rocks!
Chuck E. Jesus
zerosum wrote:

Muffwiggler rocks!

no shit!

@ muff: i hope to become a little more active here and would like to add a link to get more eurorack folk coming around, is that cool?
Muff Wiggler
thats totally cool! 8)

thanks for the nice words guys. I'm just still so amazed and humbled that you guys come around here to hang out, and lately i've really been feeling that this place is starting to happen oops

i'm totally happy to do whatever to make this place useful, host forums, allow uploads, whatever

it's so much fun

but only because you guys are here.... otherwise, we'd have nothing!

so no, you guys rock!

thanks for making this place worth coming to 8)
that's a good idea ross. i'm very grateful for all the sites that allow me to spew all my bullshit out into the world. i'm sitting on some cool music that i'm gonna post all over next month and with that i think i'll launch a links page on my site to give thanks to all my favorite spots.
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