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Panasonic WJ-AVE 5 fader cap replacements
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Author Panasonic WJ-AVE 5 fader cap replacements
I am posting this on the off chance that someone here either has found a replacement for the smaller fader knob caps or has a broken unit that they are parting out.

The last place I found and ordered replacement parts called saying that they were no longer being manufactured. Duh! that's supposed to be why you guys are selling the parts at a premium for.

Anyway, just a shot in the dark..
There's quite a few fader knobs with a similar style from the top, but I have no idea which ones might have the same slot on the bottom. If you measure the width and length of the tab sticking up, that can help you find something that will fit (though you might need to change them all to have them really look the same) Z1z0spjkZ1z0z2fuZ1z0z2e2
I FINALLY found my box of knobs and fader caps the other day Tommy, there are a few pulled off some similar mixers/processors so I can check for you soon.
Yeah, those ave 5 faders fall off just looking at them. Any tips for securing loose caps non permanently?
maybe a little dab of silicon? you'd have to test it to make sure the bond isn't permanent, but I'd reckon that'd hold until you needed to remove them, and then easily pull off when you did.
I haven't found a match from another company, usually there is a substitute recommendation. For anyone interested it's: YWV5RA0301A3
Hey I found that the korg nanokontrol fader has a similar slot spec and works on the ave5. Going to try a dab of silicone too.
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