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Metalbox Tube VCA
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Author Metalbox Tube VCA
Muff Wiggler
Gonna blog this up tomorrow but here's a sneak peek at some shots for you guys before I head off to bed. Not a lot of info around on this module, and I've never seen a shot of it, so these should be cool for you to see. Really interesting tube in this module, a Russian tube apparently 'used' in MiG-29 fighter jets

I've been wondering how the metalbox (and CGS PCBs in general) are mounted to the front panel. I can't quite make it out in the picture-- it looks to me like there are to "L"-shaped brackets that attach to something... I can't make out what, though. What's the story?
Muff Wiggler
yep, they use little "L" brackets. In the front panel pic above, you can see the two small black bolts which are holding the PCB - they are just to the right of the "CV2" and "Init CV" knobs

I'll take some pics some day of the Psycho LFO I built and show how I did the front panel and mounted the board
Looks like a darned good solution (I think Blacet's method is very elegant, but that would be hard to carry over to DIY designs).

I'll have to pick your brain at some point about your build of the psycho LFO (and your impressions of it)-- I'm kinda torn between choosing the classic psycho LFO or the utility lfo as my first cgs module.
Muff Wiggler
sure, i'll try to get some pics. The Psycho was an ideal first project, not many components at all. There was one IC that I put in without a socket, there's 4 or 5 resistors and 3 or 4 caps, and I think that was about it. Three pots and a jack - simple

Took about an hour, I'll get some pics up soon!

Will be happy to field any questions or help walk anyone through their first builds.

i just looked at the CGS webpage, and the psycho is definately an easier build than the utility LFO. The utility LFO is out of stock at the moment anyway...
Awesome. Are all of the PCB's set up so that I could just order a male power connector component from Blacet and use that rather than having to solder in a power connector permanently?

Judging from the pictures above, unless Metalbox has changed things up somewhat, it looks like it would just be a matter of order the part and soldering it in place.
Muff Wiggler
nothing is on the PCB at all except holes, traces and silk-screened text..

there's a place where you can attach the proper MTA connector if you want it to have the same sort of connector that you find on a Blacet module - just buy the connector when you get your parts and solder it in place, it'll be a perfect fit, the board is designed for them

I just didn't have one on hand so I clipped the end off a Blacet power cable and soldered the leads into the same PCB holes where one would attach the MTA connector

it's just fine either way 8)
Yeah... sweet man! I"m about to order the pcb for this as well as the bi-n-tic and mixer.

GOOD TIMES!!! I really like the sound of this vca... nice for warming stuff up!
I had modular geeking guests this weekend, and one of the things we patched up was multing the output of a filter to send to both inputs of the Tube VCA, but one of the inputs is being swept with an envelope-driven VCA. By adjusting the input volumes and the VCA and env shape carefully, we were able to push the tube into overdrive only on accented notes. It sounded killer smile

Curiously, sending the same envelope shape into CV2 of the Tube VCA wasn't anywhere near as satisfying. You want to hit the inputs differently, I guess, not use the built in CV circuitry of the Tube VCA itself.

Great module!

Muff Wiggler
very cool, thanks for the tip! I'm gonna try this tonight 8)
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