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ADDAC .wav player ADDICT
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Author ADDAC .wav player ADDICT
Sad story: my first .wav player never did work right: it could only ever read one SD card, and that was the one it shipped with. I documented my difficulties with this in another post. I was still able to do some stuff that sounded AMAZING with it despite that limitation.

Andre invited me to send the thing to him for repair. I sent it out to Portugal and, between US Postal Service, US Customs, and Portuguese Customs, nobody can tell me where it went: Andre never received it. My tax dollars at work.

Long story short: these just became available at Analoguehaven again and I ordered another one! Can't live without one. If the other one ever turns up, I can put two to good use as well.
sorry to hear that the package is MIA :(
i had this experience before, it took me 3 months to receive a return module from the US, it's indeed very strange because i never had a problem shipping it to the US, so it's either USPS f#/&"g up or the PT postal service (which can be terribly bad sometimes) !
anyway i think it will eventually show up here or there, for a couple times it took almost 3 months to reappear, so i still believe it's not gone for good!
all the very best
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