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Kommander, jacks
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Author Kommander, jacks
I am realy looking forward to the release of Kommander, the controllers work so well on the pedals.

What size jacks are they going to have?
Hey Dan,

thanks for the kind words. Due to the handy design of the KOMMANDER the output jacks will be 1/8" (3.5mm). I'm still working on the circuit in it's last bits as I want to improve the circuit to even better performance but as it looks now the KOMMANDER will be released most probably within April applause
^ thanks, all my gear is either 1/4 or Nana, so I can just make up some adapter cables.

April is good timing, its my Birthday w00t
Robert Moob
yeah, adapter cables will work. sure. and by using 1/8" jacks we have a little more space in the enclosure.... the KOMMANDER will have four outputs (can still be changed, but right now it's probably gonna be like that)... 2 CV, 2 Gate... that makes it a kind of XY-controller!
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