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camera cable question
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Author camera cable question
I've been looking for a gen loc-able analogue camera to sync into my lzx system. I've found one but it came sans cable. i scanned the wikki power cable article but I failed to decipher what it was I was looking at, or what I needed. Sooooo, how can i bring the juice to this nugget?

is this like a female xlr? I looking at this with confusion. I know you guys know everything. Whatcha got?
4 pin xlr that should probably hook to some sort of power supply or CCU
That's a 4 pin XLR. Often used for power.

I suspect if you unscrew that back cover there's another connector, probably a DB-9, that will take a battery or power adapter.
Thanks. Should I just find a proper rated supply and wire it myself? Or do you recommend someplace that has something suitable? Google is not finding much. I found a Marshall power adapter. Anything similar on mouser? Drawing up nothing.
To make one, you'll need the pinouts of the connector. So you need to track down some documentation. I'm assuming that is a fairly old camera, so will take some digging.

If the XLR is pin compatable with film/video battery belts, then that will probably make it easier to find something pre-made. But not likely to find it with that connector at Mouser. More likely B&H or Markertek, or cheaper on ebay.
Great. Found something at adorama which is local so I'll grab one there. It's a video power adaptor. No luck on finding free documentation on this old beauty. It's a Panasonic wv555nb. Hopefully it won't explode when I plug it in. Never a dull moment in the land of analog video!
It's definitely treasure hunt/safari land out there, as far as these things go! I've still got boxes of old cameras and such I need to find power adapters for.
I'm not a broadcast engineer, but... Suggests that

Pinout of 4-pin XLR connector used for 12V power The 4 pin male XLR connector is found on nearly all professional location video equipment. It is used for an external 12 volt DC input.
pin 1 = negative
pin 4 = positive

No connections are made to either pin 2 or 3. also suggests that

Application    Pin 1    Pin 2    Pin 3    Pin 4    Notes
dc power of pro broadcast gear    negative    n/c    n/c    positive (+12V)    

HOWEVER, I have read that Pin 1 (negative) might be 0v?
For just a DC 12V power connection, the negative terminal would be 0V (and the positive terminal would be 12V).
smrl FEMALE-CORD-PLUG/1.html
Yeah, it wouldn't be negative, as in -12v, like with Euro. Every power supply has a positive and a negative, and except for some old Volkswagons, most have the negative as ground or 0v.

Euro essentially uses two 12 volt supplies. The positive of one of them is +12v and the negative of that one is 0v (ground). The positive of the second supply is connected to 0v (ground) and it's negative becomes -12v. (in reality most Euro supplies have that done in the design and aren't physically separate supplies)
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