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Deeper and deeper equinoxe
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Author Deeper and deeper equinoxe
Paradigm X

Would it possible to chain the equinoxe 'deep daughterboards', for a 12 or 16 stage phaser? Is there any good reason to do so?

Was reading about a 16 stage phaser on EM forum. Since im planning on doing the deep equinoxe next, it crossed my mind, since im planning on doing it in a 1u rack, potentially with a rotary rather than a normal switch to control number of stages.

Otherwise might put a deep equinoxe and a ringmod in a 1u case.

Cheers, Ben
why not just build two of them and cascade them. If you are careful you should be able to use a single clock for both units. Might need a buffer stage to isolate the clocks but it should work.
Paradigm X wrote:
Would it possible to chain the equinoxe 'deep daughterboards', for a 12 or 16 stage phaser?

Yes. But I've not tried it though.

Possible problems:

1. The exponential driver is shared across the Deep daughter board and the main board. Adding another daughter board or two will increase the loading on the expo driver. I don't think this should be a problem... but like I say I've not tried it.

2. Noise. Each stage of phase shift adds noise and distortion. Part of the charm of the Equinoxe is the non linearities in the phase network. Too much of a 'good' thing may get a bit over the top - ie. noisy and mushy.

3. There is a law of diminishing returns with the number of phase shift networks.

Referring to Kecked's post:

I would think that coupling two Deep Equinoxe complete modules together would sound different to coupling three Deep daughter boards with one main board. I think this because in the former case you have two independent sets of feedback applied singularly around each block of four or eight stages. With the latter you have a single feedback network across all stages.

There is no need to buffer the output of the one Equinoxe module if it is controlling another. One of the uses of the LFO out is for this very purpose.

Paradigm X
kecked - thanks - was thinking that - a pseudo stereo, and/or 16 stage jobby. Not sure whether a true stereo one would work, i guess they cant be connected like the filtrex can?

Cheers Tony, also, sounds like its more trouble than its worth.

I think for now ill get a deep equinoxe and a ring mod, and see how i get on.


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