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Nchunk control VERY usable Pitchbend patch
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Author Nchunk control VERY usable Pitchbend patch
The ADDAC Nchunk (nintendo wii nunchuck) controller is a very cool piece of kit. I posted this in the ADDAC forum, but I thought I'd post it here too just in case anyone was interested.

Having used the X axis Accelerometer as a kind of theremin, I could see its potential as a pitchbend, very expressive and really natural vibrato can be achieved. The only problem is that there’s no easy way to get your hand back to the ‘zero’ position so playing with a keyboard meant the tuning was all over the shop.

I came up with this patch to get it working

If you use a S&H to sample the X voltage, then use MATHS channels 2 and 3 (or alternative) to invert this sampled voltage and mix it back in with the ‘live’ X voltage, they should cancel each other out and effectively ‘Zero’ the position, this will then create positive and negative voltages, ideal for pitch bend.

One of the trigger buttons is used to turn on the pitch bend voltage (gating a VCA), and zero it (triggering the S&H) simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about where your hand is…

It works VERY well, just hold the trigger and twist the nunchuck to bend, release the trigger to release. Sh!ts all over a bend wheel or joystick.

It took a while to get the MATHS channels 2 and 3 to almost cancel each other out in all nunchuck positions (enough so that it's not audible when you press the trigger without twisting) so it's probably better to use a dedicated voltage inverter. I was unable to balance the voltages perfectly, so pitch bends of over a couple of octaves will misbehave. It worked perfectly well for bends of about an octave for me.

Larger bends can be used by twisting the controller fully left or right before pressing the trigger and bending in the opposite direction, this is due to the zero position being reset to one end or the other allowing most of the 'travel' in the opposite direction.

Thanks for the post, I have to try this soon.
You just saved my Nchunk from being put up for sale. thumbs up

I think it's a great module that definitely needs creative thinking like this for it's strong points to shine.
this is pretty cool. Ive been eyeballing the nchunk...this thread just reminded me of it.
I have been wanting one of these too!
Was pretty excited to see the Nchunk = X/Y, two buttons, X-Y-Z accelerometer. I almost ordered one of these to put in the extra Pittsburgh Cell case I have on order. Then I noticed that its 80mm deep. Cell cases are only 54.5mm deep.

Maybe someday in the far future. Looks like a lot of fun.
yes, i don't think i'd like this as much if not for track and hold.

track and hold can be jumpered on the a-148 for both sample and holds. i have both buttons mult'd to 3 track and holds for the accelormeter and two for the joystick. that way i can take a sample of joystick and the accerometer positions and sustain it accurately.

if you set it up you can creatively apply FM, Pitch, Wave Table scan, etc and be able to sample it for stability. the joystick is a little finicky but the accelermoter is super smooth. however turn the knob and you can quickly re-assign the functions of each output. clever!!!
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