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Author TM3030

Are you able to give an ETA for the TM3030 PCB and PIC to come back in stock ?
Also I was wondering what would be ballpark estimated cost of the rest BOM ?
I'm really tempted by this project, I should stop browsing the Oakley page I find something I want to build every time ;-)
lysander wrote:
Are you able to give an ETA for the TM3030 PCB and PIC to come back in stock ?

I am hopeful that we will have new stock in early May. However, to fund a new set of boards and PICs I have to have enough money to pay for them. This comes from sales of the other PCBs I have in stock.

However, PCB sales during the last two months have been dreadful. Over the last few months I have had to restock on many boards but unfortunately I have sold relatively few. Most of the PCBs sold this year have gone to Krisp1 for the ready made modules.

This means I am having to prioritise on replenishing stock for boards that sell relatively quickly. The TM3030 is not one of them. It sells steadily but not quickly - and it's expensive board to make and the PICs need considerable money up front too.

So I can't offer any set ETA for new Filtrexes or TM3030s. However, all I can hope for is some more orders in the coming weeks so I can again refill my portfolio of great projects.

Ok understood, sorry to hear that sales are bad it's a shame as you're selling great designs, I'd be all over them if I wasn't commited to euro format seriously, i just don't get it
If that's any help I'd be happy to pre-order it now, even if it's only going to ship in a month or two.
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