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Small systems?
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Author Small systems?
Hi all,
I'm keen to dive into some video modules sometime this year and wanted some collective wisdom on modules for a basic starting system. I want to use the rig to generate content to start with and later on expand into processing external stuff.
I've currently got a full 9U audio eurorack system with sequencing. I've been VJing for years but lately been producing custom work for bands/shows and getting more into interactive AV installations. But I'm pretty noob when it comes to video modules.
I love the work by Jordan Belson (at least as an influence for the LZX system)
What would be a good starting point other than the CVE and the VSG? A VWG and ramps along with Triple Video fader?
I really just wanted to say hi and begin an ongoing conversation.
Hi! And welcome. That's a pretty good start. It depends on what you want to do with your system. With 9u of eurocrack, I'd search for the euro video thread as there's a lot of cool euro that works well with video, such as the anti osc, a-151sequential switch, sport modulator, peg and more. Are you looking to mainly process video, or pure video synthesis?
Ditto on what Matos says.
Since you seem more interested in shape/pattern generation, I would get as many VWGs as you can afford. TVP can be a great way to get better results from mixing your existing modules with video signals as well.
2 VWG, TVP, Ramps, and TVFKG should get you pretty far with some basic shape processing.
Yep! I would say go with VBM if you're more interested in having a lot of control over your shape mix's color palette and TVKFG if you want more control/complexity over the shapes themselves.
Thanks for the advice.
I think I'd be aiming for 6u as a "finishing" point.
I've got a bunch of other analogue video gear - want them all to play together in the studio, but I'd like this to be a stand alone gigging system too.
Btw I'm in AH my best bet for LZX? Isn't there a Sydney connection somewhere? I'd love to buy semi locally thumbs up
Hopefully we'll be sending some stock to an Australian and other international distributors later on this year. The issue is keeping stocking of all the modules at once, we've got to go back and do some small batches of the core modules to make that happen. So for now, AH is the only option.
Where in Aus are you based?
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