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Four Pi Movement = LiveviL Recorded Synth Noise
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Author Four Pi Movement = LiveviL Recorded Synth Noise
Myself and the other two members of Prometheus Burning (Nick and Nikki) have been experimenting in the studio with a noise project we conceptualized called "Four Pi Movement".

All sessions were to be recorded live. No computer/software/sample based sounds. All hardware in origin. Mostly Modular and Synth Box devices such as BugBrand and King Capitol Punishment instruments. String instruments. Circuit Bent toys. Etc.

After a time, we have created a Myspace page for the project and started uploading our recordings.

Feel free to lend an ear/add us if you enjoy.

We intend on putting together a very nice package of twenty three recorded sessions very soon, most likely on a customized usb thumdrive/box along with Nikki's artwork related to the project.
My girlfriend's response to your music was, "Oh god! That's horrible!"

Since that's how she responds to my music, all I can say is . . . SlayerBadger!
suboptimal wrote:
My girlfriend's response to your music was, "Oh god! That's horrible!"

Since that's how she responds to my music, all I can say is . . . SlayerBadger!

Thank you kindly twisted
Takin' the tracks for a spin while surfin' the Mighty Wiggler. Thanks for uploading some noise, man!
Listened to the complete works tonight and really enjoyed it. The GF had to leave, fortunately. help
great soundz from a great concept!
added az myspazz friendz SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo
Thanks for everyone's interest so far twisted
i really dig this. thanks for posting it.
Sounds great! and my GF likes it too. Hell she has to listen to my trogotronic, metasonix "Music" She says it sounds like the world is coming to an end...........Just the sound I`ve been looking for. Two thumbs up my friend! twisted
Sounding good man!
Really enjoying this right now as we speak!
I especially liked Flying Goat Eye and Without Reason or Justification. Nice and droney and creepy, just like it should be! I'm looking forward to seeing how you release these.
Suburban Bather
I listened to a little bit. When is that thumb drive coming out and how much will it cost? applause
Thanks everyone for listening/adding us.

I'm not exactly sure when we will be able to do the release we have in mind, as we want to include some special home made artwork and items in each package... Nikki is already working on some things for it. It is just a matter of when the three of us can keep coming together to record/create things.

Also not sure of price, but we want to keep this as affordable and unique as we can.

We are probably looking at a limited run of 100 when it all comes together. We will definitely keep everyone posted, and upload recordings every so often in the mean time.

This project is actually starting to override our primary project for the moment, which was unexpected. We are all just feeling exceptionally angry and noisy at the moment, and Four Pi has become our therapeutic release.

Four Pi Movement recording will be seeing release soon. We worked out a deal with our label who releases our Prometheus Burning material, and they agreed to do a limited double disk release.

Disk 1 will be new Prometheus Burning material.
Disk 2 will be Four Pi Movement recordings, totaling to slightly over an hours worth of raw chaos and noise.

Both disk's will be mastered by Hermetech studio (Babaluma here on the Muff board), and are currently in his hands.

This will be a limited release. Total number is still to be determined, but within the range of 200-300. The disks will be enclosed in a DVD style case featuring custom artwork by Paul McCarroll, the artist whos has been creating our most recent Prometheus Burning cover art.

The first 100 DVD box's will have 1 unique Postcard collage created by Nikki contained within.

All of the DVD boxes will have stickers for both Prometheus Burning and Four Pi Movement, some designed by Nikki, some designed by Paul McCarroll, a button, and some other oddities that we can fit in.

We will keep everyone posted as this develops. Thank you for listening.
I am proud to announce the first Four Pi Movement release is here, released as disk two of a double disk boxset along with our newest Prometheus Burning.

Mastered by Muff's own Babaluma of Hermetech Mastering.

Official release date is July 23rd. Pre-orders are available now and will ship out earlier than July 23rd. Pre-order info here:

Read all the info below:

Nearly two years since their visionary and mythology drenched Crunch Pod release “Plague called huMANity”, the female fronted Electro-Industrial duo Prometheus Burning returns to unleash their latest sonic nightmare “Displacement Disorder”.

While sonically unique and disturbingly intense, Displacement Disorder will be easily accessible to any fan of Dark Electronic and Industrial music. From distorted dancefloor killing beats to complex chaotic noise, blasting female vocals to grinding synth leads, this album is Prometheus Burnings most ambitious work yet, sure to please the ears of intimate listeners and club stompers alike.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, Displacement Disorder features two CD’s bursting with all new musical abominations, an exclusive remix by Ant-Zen artist Imminent, cover art, stickers, buttons, and postcards designed by artists Paul McCarroll, Vlad McNeally, and Nikki Telladictorian, all enclosed in a deluxe white DVD style enclosure. Releases July 23rd.


Disc One - Prometheus Burning - Displacement Disorder
01 - Violator [v2]
02 - Suffering in Silence
03 - Mindbenders
04 - Anonymous Death Threats
05 - Unpleasant Presence
06 - Flesh Addict [Nikki's Big Flapping Vagina mix]
07 - Victim Complex
08 - Left Hand Down
09 - The Ultimate Evil
10 - Violator [remixed by Imminent]
13 - October [bonus track]

Disk Two - Four Pi Movement - Murder in the RAW
01 - Raining Ashes
02 - Banishing Ritual
03 - Flying Goat Eye
04 - Gathering
05 - The Shadow People Take Control
06 - No One Can Hear You
07 - Hairline Trigger
08 - Without Reason or Justification
09 - CrazyGeorgeDotCom
10 - Black Essence
11 - Exiting the Spiral
12 - The Beast Growls
22 - The Bishop, The Duke, The Magistrate, The President [bonus track]

Released July 23rd, 2010 on Augmented Records.
Limited (500 copies worldwide) 2CD box set
Includes 2 stickers, postcards, and button packaged in a deluxe white enclosure.
First 60 orders include one unique mini collage handcrafted by Nikki Telladictorian.
Features exclusive remix by Ant-Zen artist Imminent
Artwork by Paul McCarroll of Unhinged Art
Mastering by Gregg Janman of Hermetech Mastering
Digital version features .PDF with additional artwork by Paul McCarroll.

do you do live? cleveland needs to see you.
excellent! so happy to see this baby finally released!!!
Yes we play live as often as possible. Last year we got to tour around a lot, but this year we have been focusing more on one-off shows when possible.

Our next gig is in Pittsburgh with two other Muff board bands:, I, Parasite and Surachai. There is a thread about it here:
Rockin' Banana!
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