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Looking for a music video producer
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Author Looking for a music video producer
Hello folks. For some time now, my girlfriend (and bandmate) have been trying to calculate when and how we will be able to construct a video synth to use with our band Prometheus Burning for live visuals and music video production.

Originally we planned to take the DIY route and try to create our own music video, heavy with video synthesis and distorted visuals. We had some ideas in mind. But I am now accepting the fact that unless I get a huge bump in pay soon (not going to happen), I simply am not going to be able to dive into the world of video synthesis just yet.

So now we are wondering if there are any creative producers who would want to take on the cumbersome task of producing a music video for us? We've watched some of the creations you guys post here and are blown away. Her and I experiment a lot with visuals using digital/software based tools like Resolume and such, but are just a couple of noobs compared to some of the visual talents we've seen displayed here.

We know what song we want to use for the video, but the album is not finished yet and probably won't be until the Summer time. We'd like to have this video ready to be released online at the same time as we release the album as a single.

We live in Pittsburgh but are willing to travel for filming and whatever else may be necessary to achieve this goal. While we are in talks with a rather notorious Industrial label from the Chicago area, we are not getting any financial help from them at this point in time... we will be paying our of pocket for this, so needless to say, our budget is bit on the low side and will have to keep things minimalistic.

If interested, please let me know what your ballpark fees would be for a project like this, and also please provide us to any links showcasing your experience with music videos so we can get a feel for your style.

Here is a demo of the song we have in mind for the video. It is the title track from the album in progress entitled "KILL IT WITH FIRE".

Alright, received a few offers so far. Think we are going to roll with the fellow who hit us up first.

Thanks to all who is interested. If this works out, we will definitely be looking to do more videos in the future.
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