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bug crushing question
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Author bug crushing question
Hello everybody, this is my first post here.
I built a bugcrusher using the schematic on the BugBrand website, and I'd like to add simple mods to it.
Anyone has good ideas to share?
Muff Wiggler
hi!! Welcome to the forum - and congrats on your build! The bugcrusher is loads of fun

I am not familiar with the schem or circuit as Tom built mine for me, but a few thing come to mind that wouldn't be too tough...

you could make vactrol-based CV input jacks (not precise, scaled or able to handle AC, but hey....) for whatever you are using a potentiometer

another fun thing that wouldn't be hard would be to wire up a simple ringmod using two little passive transformers and 4 diodes. then take the clean signal and ringmod it with the crusher's output

might be fun to put a mix control between the two signals and the ringmod

just some ideas....please let us know what you end up doing!

Bienvenue Chez Muff Wiggler, mon ami! w00t

THIS is the page with details..

This is pretty old-school info -- done right at the start of my bugcrushing experiments, so its quite a basic circuit really.

Mike Muff's idea of vactrol RATE control is good! I've actually used a 4046 PLL VCO for VC rate, but that's much more complex.

Other ideas:
- I'm sure that someone (maybe Steven SquarewaveParade) had tried power starvation, in particular starving *just* the negative supply rail
- how about a feedback loop around the AD781? (may require some extra circuitry for mixing / inversion / who-knows...)

Thanks and merci :-)
The ringmod is a great idea, and maybe the unused gates of the 40106 could provide another signal source.
I was also thinking of using parts of the W.O.M. like the distortion stage, the low pass filter... And maybe a Starve function...
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