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Cerberus meets Billy the Synth !
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Author Cerberus meets Billy the Synth !
Had a 1 to 1 meet with jbi today and we introduced our Oakley systems to one another.

You can here one of the products here...

Had a great random patch up at one point but didn't get it recorded but hey John, next time we'll use a C120 and we can just leave the tape running eh! SlayerBadger!

Looking forward to the next one ...... any word about Cambridge this year..... anyone????
The Cambridge S-DIY event is set for the 20th to 22nd July this year, the room booking page is already up, here:

I'm planning to have a large 5U setup with a lot of Oakley and other modules, I'm serioulsy thinking of hiring a van so that myself and one of my friends can bring a shed load of bits and bobs along. We might even be able to build some interesting patches together.

Hope to see you there.

@ magman

Perfect... thanks !

Really looking forward to this as I couldn't make it last year.
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