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Music Video: Want to help me?
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Author Music Video: Want to help me?

Im doing a low budget trashy punk-rock music video. And im looking for some 1080p HD video synthesis clips as texture for this project. At current time we can not aford the modular system. But we would greatly apreciate if someone would like to contribute some material! Can be anything really. The band love crazy 80ties early 90ties exagerated effects.

Kind regards,
Kim Svendsen,
Oslo, Norway
Kim -

Welcome. Do you have any reference points as to what you are going for? The native output of the LZX system is standard definition aka not 1080p, although it can be upres'd to 1080p. depending on what you are looking for, a processing patch may be something that'd get your HD clips, or perhaps a mix of digital and analog sources?

if you are going for "crazy 80ties early 90ties exagerated effects" you might not need 1080...
this is becoming a popular topic around here... maybe we could make a sticky with some general community guidelines? similar to B/S/T?
some questions for the OP (but maybe also a starting point for a sticky)

I can make 1080p synth clips, but they will be very large to upload at native quality. What NLE system are you using? Is there a particular codec you'd prefer?

also, do you have any budget? and if so, how much?

there are many types of video synthesis, even within an LZX system, not to mention other hardware, feedback, etc... can you show an example of what you would like?

can you send a bit of the track? or at least some other music by the artist?
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