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Dual weevils into a T-Resonator
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Author Dual weevils into a T-Resonator
With a Postcard Weevil now in hand I decided tonight was as good a time as any to give a little fantasy of mine a whirl. I put the Postcard Weevil through one input of the T-Resonator and the Board Weevil into the other. Once I tweaked the T-Res to play nice (sometimes it takes a lot of work, you know?) I lost myself in dreamy noise washes.

I ran alligator clips back and forth between the two Weevils and discovered that the Postcard is generally a better modulator of the Board than the other way around. The Postcard is better at sticking to a rhythmic pattern once you find it. The Board's photocells tend to disrupt any pattern it momentarily settles on, but with the right patching from the Postcard, consistent patterns can be achieved which are more easily controlled from the photocells. Badass.

And when I decided it was time for bed, I turned off the weevils and spent the next 15 minutes listening to the Resonator drone in endlessly shifting soundscapes. Such a beautiful device.

Sorry, no audio. d'oh!
What!!!!!! no audio. angry

I just love my Board weevil.

We'll be using mine in a theatre show tommorow.

Please next time.....Audio Rage!
I know. I feel ashamed. sad
suboptimal wrote:
Sorry, no audio. d'oh!

Dead Banana

No worries though, I completely know how that is. The first thing I think of when I get new stuff is not "where's my recorder".

That being said, I'm dying to hear this.
I always seem to tweak out my Board Weevil and let it run in the back ground, especially when I am surfing the web. The best stuff comes out of those sessions..
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