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How can I get this effect on a CRT?
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Author How can I get this effect on a CRT?

Sorry for the throwaway thread, but this is beautiful eek!
hmm, how about this?

skip to 3:50 for the action applause
That all looks extremely dangerous.
Never saw a plasma screen blown that way. Interesting for a few seconds, but it got boring fast (for me at least).

The first half of the last one had nothing to do with it being a CRT. Any piece of glass with a metal ring around it (which the TV has) will do the same thing when presented with that high of a voltage. The second half of the last video the CRT was involved, but the fun arcs were on the back. The ones in the CRT just looked like glowing blurs.

If you want to have fun with sparks, build a tesla coil. They're fairly simple to make and create a lot of sparks. You can create all sorts of objects that direct the sparks, like a pair of glass sheets with wires around the edges.

I shot some tesla based performances at an art show in Austria in the early 90s. I'll try to dig them out and post a short clip of them.
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