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Deep eqionoxe 'mods'
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Author Deep eqionoxe 'mods'
Paradigm X
As im planning to build my equinoxe in a 1u case, i thought the 'mods' detailed below would be useful, and wondered if you had any further suggesgtions/corrections?

Many thanks!

Input atten pot - replace R11 with pot (im guessing 10k pot (log?), with 1k limiting resistor maybe?)

Output gain - replace R31 with 10k log pot,with 1k limiting resistor again maybe?

Replace the two switches with a 3way 4 pole rotary for 4 6 or 8 stages? Bit neater IMHO but my brain really does freeze when trying to figure it out. I think its possible but need to think it thru.

Wet dry;

Trickiest mod ; borrowing a bit from filtrex design;

Bit of stripboard with an opamp buffer taken from junction of r5/r4? or r5/r113? for a copy of the input, then a buffered copy of 'return' on the schematics, two both ends of 50k lin pot, then the wiper to C10... im guessing. Difficulty is knowing whether to put the wet/dry bit inside or outside of the input and output gains. other option is a summing opamp mixer somewhere...

Anyway, thats the plan, will prb take a while to sort out.

Paradigm X
Dont suppose anyone had any input on this did they?

My PCBs are both stuffed now, just need to wire up power and see if it works.....

Cheers, Ben
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