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euro board weevil?
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Author euro board weevil?
so i was cleaning up my studio today and had my board weevil leaning on my euro system and realized if you removed the speaker and battery you would have a fairly nice euro size module

+1 for more BugBrand!
that would be great, but I doubt if he'll stray from the current style of modular he's making.
How big is the WOM board? hmmm.....
Interesting! -- the BWeevil being roughly Euro sized is purely a coincidence.

It would be a fun design approach for sure - though I think things could very much be tweaked to a more modular level.

The main aspect which definitely gives worry would be isolation -- the golden rule of circuit bending (which is pretty much what the core Weevil heart is) is not to do it on anything connected to the mains. It would though, I'm sure, be possible to include isolation both on the power lines and audio output connetion - ie, no shock risk what-so-ever.

Anyways - sorry to say, but that is not to say that I'd envisage doing anything like this anytime soon -- it IS a great idea and something I have vaguely considered before and will continue to contemplate.

As I say, it would be a very fun thing to design!
ooh, forgot about isolation! would be fun though.
cool -
looking forward to a bug modular - really like the unique sound you've got
criticalmonkey wrote:
cool -
looking forward to a bug modular - really like the unique sound you've got

I think I'm dying for a bug modular, and I'm going to have a heart attack from the waiting and wondering! ambulance
I don't know if anyone noticed, but the Workshop Oscillator Machine fits in frac quite OK 8_)
Of course you need to move/remove the battery, modify the line out and drill some holes...
I wouldn't recommend it, as it's much easier to use if standing flat by itself. Cool though.
WOM board is only about 1/8" too high for Euro, but a little slice off one end and reroute a couple of contacts and you are there.

You could always keep the 9v battery as power source.
One idea could be to include PCB mounting holes on the corners of the Weevil board. Then drill four holes into a blank panel and with some short stands you have a "reverse PCB" mounted Weevil on your modular. Keep the battery and route it into an amplifier to get it up to modular levels (unless there's a mod you can do to the board for this). Could be fun.
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