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Squibbons' Modular Setup - Updated 03-31-08
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Author Squibbons' Modular Setup - Updated 03-31-08
I like seeing other peeps setups so I figured someone out there might like to see mine.

As of this latest post, there are now 36 modules in the setup, occupying 3 Gator GR-6S cases.

And if you just want a list of equipment:
1 bananalogue serge 3p mixer
1 bananalogue serge vcs
1 blacet bar graph
1 blacet binary zone
1 blacet dual linear vca
3 blacet eg1
1 blacet filthy filtre
1 blacet frequency divider
1 blacet hex zone
1 blacet improbability drive
1 blacet input processor
1 blacet klangwerk
3 blacet micro lfo
1 blacet miniwave
1 blacet quad vca
1 blacet stonz phaser
1 blacet time machine
3 blacet vco
1 custom built dual multi w/ attenuator
1 cyndustries sawtooth animator
1 livewire frequensteiner
1 metalbox burst generator
1 metalbox tube vca
1 motm-1485 gx-1 vcf
1 paia 9700 midi2cv8( kit built, not pictured )
1 paia 9710 vca( kit built, not pictured )
1 stg soundlabs mankato filter
1 wiard jag
2 wiard joystick gr-1209b

The two euro modules are:
1 mfb drum-01
1 mfb seq-01

There is a plastic box on top of the Space Echo is a custom built MFOS Wacky Daffy Loony Electronic Noise Maker Thingy. I've also got an alesis micron and a yamaha p60 piano ( which translates to an expensive midi controller ) to use in conjunction with the modular.

Currently I'm using the red-square's midi functionality instead of the paia module.

Frac expansion plans for the future go something like this( with nothing in any particular order yet ):

Blacet: Quad VCA, EG1
Cyndustries: Zeroscillator
Encore: Frequency Shifter
MOTM: MOTM-1650 midi-cv( if it's released ), MOTM-1300 ultraVCO( if it's released )
Wiard: Noise Ring, Boogie Filter, Borg Filter

More images:

Muff Wiggler
hey, very cool job on the wee box o' MFB! I like it! Are those in a little Doepfer box?

also i quite covert your red plexi VCS!! 8) super cool

really fun system, thanks for sharing!
Yeah, they are in a doepfer a-100 minicase, I didn't want to buy a doepfer rack at the time due to the fact that I thought I'd only want those modules in euro rack, but now I'm starting to wonder if I'd like some harvestman and planb modules. I really want the plan b model 28 programmable tap clock and the harvestman polivoks vcf. My list of modules that I'd like is somewhere around the 30u mark worth of modules currently. Ack!

That VCS is the only one that exists like that( that I know of ). If anyone hasn't seen these, here are closeup pics of the red VCS:

Muff Wiggler
that is AWESOME!!

i saw it on eBay - almost bid but was too poor at the time...

is that where you got it? i do believe there's only one

lemme know if you ever need to sell it twisted
:shock: DAMN!!
I'm going to have money someday and do that too lol

cool rig
Chuck E. Jesus
that VCS looks cool!

what do you think of the MFB Seq 01?
right on man. your rig reminds of me of where i'm at and where i'm not. i really need another case but i've been debating whether to get another 6u skb or a 12u. decisions question question
Yep. That VCS is the most pimpin module I've seen in a while.
Great setup-- great pictures!
Thanks for sharing!
The VCS is indeed off that ebay auction. =)

The MFB SEQ-01 is something I use quite frequently in patches. You can setup a step pattern of up to 32 steps, or just two A/B 16 step patterns per channel( and there are 12 channels ). You can dial in the channel with a knob and edit each step with push buttons below each of the leds. Each channel has a separate output. Each lit step sends a very short pulse to it's channels output, and you can't change how much voltages or how long that pulse is, so it's not useful for controlling for instance the pitch of a vco, but it is really great for triggering EGs and anything else you want to trigger.

It has some more sophisticated uses, such as putting accents on steps or chaining patterns together, but I haven't touched those much yet. You can also save a few full sets of channel patterns into the SEQ-01's internal memory.

It has a built in rate dial, but I usually patch from the Clock Out of my Binary Zone into the Clock In of the SEQ-01 and use the Binary Zone's rate dial to control both of them instead. You can continue to chain clocks if you want, so for instance I can Clock In from the BZ and Clock Out from the SEQ-01 to the Improbability Drive and now the BZ, the SEQ-01, and the ID's S/H are all timed together. If you wanted to get creative, you could take a channel and make a pattern on it, and then use that channel's output as a Clock In on something else.

Overall, for the 220$ it costs, I'm pleased with it. I've yet to use more than 4 of the outputs at once. O_o I really want a sequencer that I can control pitch per step or put an input in on each step, but I'll hold out for the Hex Zone on that one.
That red plexi VCS is HAWT! (spelled incorrect to emphasize the hawtness!)
Some updates. Today I ordered my first Metalbox modules. A Burst Generator and the Tube VCA. Can't wait to get those. I'm such a gear slut.

Recieved my Mankato and Wiard JAG over this last week. They are sitting together very nicely. My modular just suddenly gained 18 outputs! Another 8 when the Sawtooth Animator arrives. O_o I'll put them all next to each other to keep them company. I'm very pleased with both modules so far. I was playing with using the JAG as a psedu-sequencer last night with lfo's piped into the inputs. The mankato just wants you to crank the regenerations to 12 so that it can hum itself away all by its lonesome.

nice. so you started another 6u case?
ps: jag & mankato demos please. grin
Muff Wiggler
i've been waiting FOREVER for my Mankato, Shawn and STG were both emailing me to see what I thought

and it's still not here cry

i emailed Shawn on monday and wednesday this week, asking if he would track the shipment for me, and no response at all (which is unlike Shawn)

cry cry cry
Muff Wiggler
JAG is freakin' wonderful, isn't it?
Yup, started a new 6U case, and it's filling up fast.

Here is a demo of the JAG and the Mankato playing together.

EDIT: Posted the wrong link earlier.

Description( I put this on the twango page ):
Short demo of a Wiard JAG and a Mankato filter. The patch goes something like this. Binary Zone Out to JAG X in, and Inv Out to JAG Y in. Blacet VC Wave VCO out to Mankato in. JAG outputs modulate the Mankato and the FM and CV VC Wave inputs on the VCO. Three Mankato Outs are ran to a VCA/Mixer for the end result. It's got a low bass going on at the start of it from the filter resonating, as well as some nice high pops resulting from a high JAG dome height spiking the filter.

Very nice. The Jag possibilities are amazing. I need one, eventually.
Updated main post with some new images and up-to-date setup details.
Muff Wiggler
wow, awesome pics, thanks!!

that Hex Zone looks *really* sharp in there. Sits far more nicely with the other Blacets than I thought it would.

Super fun looking setup, I'd love to have a play. You've got all of the really good stuff in there 8)
yup. this is one of those rare times where i actually wish i was in Texas.
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