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2 questions - mixer and vertical lines...
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Author 2 questions - mixer and vertical lines...
2 quick questions.

1. I picked up a Panasonic mx-12 the other day, apparently in working order. It powers up, but no other buttons seem to light up and I'm not getting a signal from the preview or main out. Tried inputs on both A and B. Anyone got any suggestions on other things to try before I admit that it's dead or a circuit bending experiment?

2. I'm just starting my video synth journey, so sorry for the noob question, but can i create vertical lines at audio rates?

Much love
Don't know about 1, but the answer to 2 is usually no. There are exceptions, but most audio devices will not go into high enough frequencies.
You need a signal above 15.75KHz to create a single vertical line, so creating more than one repetition in the audio range is impossible. Also, you usually need a very stable sync circuit on the VCO to get a stable vertical line as well.
Thanks, I figure this is a good reason to grab a VWG?
Anyone on the MX12?
Here's a user manual for the MX12:

From what I can see, you want to hook up two video sources, and be sure the Y/C - Comp switches are in the correct position.

Press the upper left input mode button, and then press the Video 1 button in the Rec Video Out section.

That looks like the simplest way to get a signal out the Rec Out output. At that point if the sync warning light is lit, there may be a problem with the sync of the sources.
Thanks, I figure this is a good reason to grab a VWG?

Yes, this is the primary reason why you'd want specifically designed video oscillators in your system (higher frequency range, stable sync, etc.)
Based on my WJMX10. You probably need to have two video sources plugged in to engage the sync. Without it, it will not function.
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