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my HEX ZONE is acting weird ...
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Author my HEX ZONE is acting weird ...
i have a quite new , not that much overused hexzone and i notice an annoying problem...

nowadays, the hex wont wtart playing when i hit the play button, no matter the config
BUT, if i make it start using external control like lfo or other, it work just perfect...

may i have damaged something ??

anyone already got this kind of problem... can it be a power issue ???

it use to work perfectly before. .. and i didnt remember or notice something happened that migth be strange ...

any help or advice greatly apreciated
Could it be that your start button needs to have its solder pads reheated?
or perhaps the button has simply failed and needs to be replaced?
Bad parts do happen sometimes. seriously, i just don't get it

I had one LED in my HexZone kit that was faulty.
John sent me a replacement and now all is working 100%. Mr. Green
Mr. Blacet is really quite good about customer service.

maybe .. didnt hit it that hard wink

i will ask my blacet with the syptoms, wich i kow is a helpfull person
well, few month after ...the hex is back to normal behaviors

mystics of electronics ??
cavage wrote:
mystics of electronics ??

May be just a bad solder joint. I'd re-solder any relevant pad.
yeah i had an entirely different issue with my Hex and it went back to normal within a couple sessions or two. but if it ever happened again i'd get it fixed even if it went back to normal again.

probably software issues i guess ?
i dont see how it could be solved if no upgrade is made to the firmware and i didnt read anything concerning this on blacet website yet ...

well well, i love this module anyway
as i loooove my modular ANYWAY haha

liebe ist die antwort smile
Doesn't sounds like a software issue to me. The code literally reads like this:

~Play button~
- Read Pin C5
- Write value to in_play variable

~Play/stop jack~
- Read Pin D1
- Write value to in_play variable (same variable as before)

The section of code that houses the play button state check, checks the other buttons as well. So if something was wrong here you would be having stop/next/prev/etc button problems too.

It is possible (although unlikely) to kill an input on the uC, but I would check soldering first. If the problem comes back then you may need to write to John and ask him for an exchange micro.
seems okay since two weeks ...
well smile

thnaks for kind infos anyway
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