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Video Synthesis without Hardware?
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Author Video Synthesis without Hardware?
Hi the last couple of weeks I have been thinking of starting a Video
Synthesizer but as my money is very limited at the moment as I bought some
audio stuff this will have to wait for a couple of months. Any idea how to get
started? Any usefull programms that can do similar patterns. So too say a
digital video synthesizer? I know that there is pure data and that you can
somehow generate a video signal but found little information on how it actually
works. I would higly appriciate it if you guys can help me too get started.
If your on a Mac quartz composer is amazing. Very much patch and play.lots of tutorials online For pure data, someone awesome recently posted a video patch. Perhaps they will chime in to give some hints. Processing is another graphical language with lots of potential. Just hit their website for the program and tutorials.
If you have a working camera that can connect to a monitor you could of course experiment with video feedback by shooting video of the monitor connected to the camera. It won't replicate what you can do with video synthesis modules but it's a useful skill that can generate a lot of interesting very analog material that you can incorporate into other projects.
Both of the above recommendations are great. You can find cheap video processors, televisions and cameras easily, and each one is going to create different types of feedback textures.
I've been having fun with Pure-data/GEM for video synthesis. You can take a peek at it on this thread: ys=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
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