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intefacing my Euro modular with a video guy's various gear?
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Author intefacing my Euro modular with a video guy's various gear?
Soy Sos
A friend and colleague of mine is a old school video guy who has access to various bits of new and older gear through his own collection and the university he works at. I told him that folks on this forum are doing crazy shit in the video world with modular. Although I can not go down the rabbit hole of video modular myself, could some of you point out some of the specs/values/connections/standards/gear ect... that I might be able to provide him so we might be able to get together sometime and do a little experimenting? I've got 18U of various modular that can provide signal/CV ++.
Sorry if this is a sprawling and broad based question, I just wanted to see if there was a way to get the ball rolling without me having to buy a bunch of gear. Thanks in advance for your sage advice.
first off. i have not much clue..

but my assumption is you will still want to buy the basics.. (for lzx.. the sync generator and the color video encoder.)

that way you will have your own standard video signal to throw in the mix. I have no idea.. but i predict that much of the gear your friend has will not link up with your euro

certainly a list of some devices would help
Well video gear doesn't typically have any CV or audio inputs. You'll need some way to convert those types of signals into viewable video (which is a primary function of a modular video synthesizer), or rig up some DIY circuits or modify the video gear to accept those kinds of signals.

Depending on what old gear your friend has, some studio devices accepted audio signals to modulate the keyers (I think some old Vision Mixers did this?)

There are other ways to do audiovisualizations without a video synthesizer... usually involving physical effects and a camera... one of them is to feed your signals into an oscilloscope to make lissajous patterns and then film those with a camera. Or you could put sand in a bowl on a speaker and film that, as the speaker vibrates.

It's not really possible to do much of what we typically refer to as "video synthesis" without the core framework of a modular video synth, though (the ability to convert audio and CV into color video, mix video and audio/CV fluidly with each other, etc.)
Soy Sos
Yeah, sorry to be so vague.
I'm looking for something along the lines of:

"If he has a video mixer and tri-quad sync generator you can feed pulses from the modular to the 1/4 inputs of the tri-quad's link fizzle trans-gender glorifier."

You know, that sort of thing. Haha
I'm in no position to buy ANY gear, I just want to see if there are some fun tricks to linking stuff together.

Thanks so far for your replys. I always enjoy checking this section, but it's something I can't afford to get involved with on a heavy level.
Outside of rescanning techniques, or the rare vision mixer with an audio input, I can't really think of any weird tricks like that that wouldn't glitch out the signal and make it unviewable.

Now if you /want/ to glitch out the signal, just experiment running video signals thru whatever you have on hand, mixing them into your modular, etc. and then send them to the input of an old CRT television you don't care much about. To make the signal viewable again, film the screen with a camera.

Without your modular, with just the video gear your friend has already, you could probably have lots of fun just doing feedback loops with cameras and the studio gear itself.
Soy Sos
Thanks creatorlars,
are you saying I can run the audio/CV out of my modular into the co-ax in of and old TV and see something? What's recommended in that case? Amplification, attenuation, high/low frequency etc?
Yep, plug stuff into either coax or RCA/Composite input and you'll see something. It will be black & white and it will primarily equate to horizontal lines and noise (ie, you won't get any patterns or 2D shapes), but it's something to play around with. Attenuate the signal heavily and be cautious there. And I would try this with a TV you aren't scared of potentially breaking. Modern TVs won't work with this, because they typically digitize the signal and therefore need a valid video signal in order to display anything on the screen.
It all depends on what he has. If it's all off the shelf commercial stuff from many years ago, chances are it doesn't have any place to stick audio or CV.

If he's got any old school video processing / synth stuff (Jones, Brown, Seigel, Hern, EAB, CVI, Rutt-Etra, etc...) then that's another story. But all of that is extremely rare, so unlikely.
Jones MVIP? cheapest way to link the two worlds, I'd imagine
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