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module request
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Author module request
It would be very nice to have a sequencer module to add to the modular.

12/24 steps or so. Seems easy to do with 4017 but would be more flexible with a micro.

Is there anything like this in the pipeline Tony?
mumblinstevedubya wrote:
Is there anything like this in the pipeline Tony?

The short answer is no.

The main effort this year will be to port some of my 5U module designs into ready made Euro sized modules. Which is actually taking longer than I'd like simply because I keep on getting distracted with other jobs - synth and module repair, gardening, DIY, etc.

However, 5U work will continue, witness the recent new versions of the TSL and COTA, and I will endeavour to do some sort of sequencer at some point.

But this does depend on the level of interest for the 5U platform as a whole. Currently the number of sales for PCBs for my 5U modules is dwindling. There could be a raft of reasons for that, and it could just be a temporary dip, but the bottom line is that 5U PCB sales to DIYers will have to rise for me to consider spending a lot of time developing complex new 5U modules.

Paradigm X
Euro seems to be hugely popular for some reason. Ive not actually started my modular yet (getting there slowly) but 5u seems a lot more 'playable'; euro seems so small and cramped.
When I go out for a run, I often think about modulars to cope with the pain associated with exercise.
Today, it got me thinking about sequencers, and all of a sudden I got a seemingly brilliant idea for a sequencer that would make it unlike any other sequencer I know of: voltage control! applause

How about this:

A 1x16 / 2x8 step sequencer with voltage controlled step levels in addition to the regular pots. Each CV input would need an attenuverter, since having 16 free attenuverters in a system is highly unlikely.

Switchable uni-/bipolar outputs AND clockable at very high audio rates OR (maybe even better) having each step associated to a voltage span (like the MiniWave). When using the output as an audio source, his would make it a killer source of fantastic waveforms, and combined with the voltage control mentioned above, the waves could evolve endlessly and much faster than one could turn the pots.

Built in (switchable in/out) quantization would be great, both for regular sequencing and for adding a bit reduction effect if using the output as an audio source.

The regular set of gate on/off and reset would off course be needed. A built in clock source/VCO is not a must, since I think most users could spare an LFO or a VCO for this.

If using the standard MOTM grid, this would be one big ass module, but what about using sliders instead?

OK, you might not want to design a sequencer right now, but I hope this is food for thought for the future. If you do this and Krisp1 builds it, I will definitely get it.
Might be a little late here, but . . . Logic modules and a Frequency Shifter would be great. Thanks.
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